Reefer Decree(Iboga)


1. Breaking News
2. Point Of You
3. Gone For Good
4. Agent 508
5. Meltburn (Emok Remix)
6. 7 Minutes
7. The Final Decree
8. Meltburn
9. Nightvision

"Reefer Decree was the first artist to release on Iboga Records in 1998, and the first debut album Sound Frames, which was released the year after, has been the best selling CD album on Iboga Records ever." - Iboga records

Reefer Decree was a project that started as a collaboration between Jiwook Bijl and Oliver Bierlich which was sadly terminated in the recent years, but has been relaunched by Oliver Bierlich.
The opening track is a fat rolling melodic and funky as hell. A perfect way to set the tone for the rst of the album. Rolling percussions and a funky groove keep this track pumping along." Point Of You" starts out with a cheeky little volcal which soon disolves into a banging bass line and gets really dark and dirty.All in all a very fun track."Gone For Good" is smooth and balanced tune with a dreamy lead which drops into some phat rolling bass. Really nice and chunky."Agent 508" has a breakbeat element with a good use of percussion which builds the track up before dropping a solid bass line."Meltburn " gets a solid reworking by Emok who is part of the Phony Orphants.This track is awesome with a real twisted melody floating in the background and a solid bass line that just gives this tune a perfect amount of push."7 Minutes" drops us back down in to a more dubbed up tune fulled with percussion and tripped out sounds.(Stoners delight :Wink3: )."The Final Decree" picks up the pace again with a really groovey track with a real breakbeat element.The original version of "Meltburn" is up after that. The album ends with easily my fav track "Nightvision" this slow melodic tune has soo much emotion and thought it really moves me.A perfect end to a perfect album

The over all tone of this album is experimental , melodic driving and inteligent. This is timeless!!!
.oooooohhhhh yes.....Great album , yep its got real groooooooove.

Olivers clever geeza.

and his project with Jonas is a groovy dubby thing too, esp the Ochos De brujos remix .

Yep Ill say it again, Reefer Decree: Point Of View, fab, Great album. Well done Sparx for the review.:ibiggrin: