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Andrea Dec 27, 2004

  1. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    Hi peeps, I am about to change my hi-fi amp, which sux for my studio set up, Im checking Alesis RA300, which looks good quality and affordable for my budget, also is one of the few that I found interesting. Anyone would suggest/advise any other amp, or any reasons not to buy this one in case it is a bad choice?

    At the moment I use NS8 Yamaha as passive NF monitors but planning to change them later, maybe Tannoy Reveal or Reveal X. Also any advise on monitors would be a great help.

    Thanx very much :Grin:
  2. Fushion Julz

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    The Alesis amps are average at best....

    Even a decent HiFi amp is going to sound better and deliver more current than a small Alesis.

    I can recommend the C-Audio RA500/501 (1u high, convection cooled and 125 or 150w/ch) although it will have to be 2nd hand as they don't make 'em any more!

    Plenty of other options available from Crown, Crest and the like....Depends on your budget....
  3. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    Pleeeeease any suggestions? :sad:

    I will take it tonite after work, and really would like to have some opinions. I was offered a Samson but I thought it does not have the same frequency response as the Alesis, but not sure what else to consider in the specs as I am not familiar with monitoring technicalities.

  4. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    Uuuups, thanx Julz I just posted while you did :P

    Cheers dude
  5. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    I am also a bit tired to buy my music equipment at Turnkeys, sometimes they have good deals but never a good guidance when it comes to ask them some help in making a choise out of few options. Some ppl there don't have any idea of what they are doing, it seems.

    Where do you guys usually shop in the London area?
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