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Reflex, Zone or Foot Therapy.
Reflex or Foot Therapy is an old folk method of healing. Reflex therapy is the practice of relaxing the body by means of massaging the feet. There a number of books on the subject, but they all have the same vice. As this is a simple subject, the books are padded out with the medical aspects. People without medical knowledge should not try playing doctors using reflex therapy. They will create more problems than they cure. As a method of relaxing people, and keeping healthy people healthy, there is plenty of scope for the amateur. The great authority on this subject, was Dr William Henry Fitzgerald, who picked up the method from the Red Indians. His assistant, a nurse by the name of Eunice Ingham, carried on his work. She published the best works on the subject. We would expect nurses to be more competent in this field, than say doctors, as the medical knowledge needed, is about nursing level. The body is a self healing mechanism, as long as there is little tension or shock present.
The principle behind Reflex therapy, is that various parts of the feet are in communication with various parts of the body. Thus each organ of the body has a reflex position in the foot. The tips of the toes are in communication with the top of the head. The achilles tendon is in communication with the lower water works, or urinary system. The insides of the feet are in communication with the spine. As one moves to the outside of the feet, so one moves to the outside of the body. When one massages part of another person's foot, they are also massaging another part of the body, without touching it. There is another important principle to keep in mind. To deal with any injury, one must communicate through it, from the brain to somewhere on the other side. Thus if someone has a bad elbow, then one must concentrate on say massaging the hand. By massaging the hands, the person one is helping can feel through the injured elbow to the other side. It is this communication through the injured area, which does the healing. Except for feet, always massage away from the brain, as this relaxes. Massaging towards the brain, has the opposite effect.

On a cautionary note, word has gone out that reflex therapy can dislodge gall and kidney stones, which can be painful. It can also restore fertility, which may be embarrassing. Excessive massage can over stimulate body organs, with embarrassing medical results. For this reason, artificial self aids are not recommended. Walking barefoot on grass or sand has only been known to produce useful results. The same goes for the amateur, who only goes looking for areas of tension, and who massages the whole foot.

For relaxing a person, a suitable plan is as follows:-

Have your target, customer, or victim, sitting or lying down, with shoes, stockings and socks removed. With luck, they will have recently washed their feet, if not, hard luck, as it is difficult to massage damp skin. Do not use oil, but keep the hands and feet dry, as massage is very much a sliding or rubbing action. Powder may be of use.
Put one of the target's feet in your lap. Put your full attention on their face, to pick up any reaction to the massage. Reaction from the feet, can be felt through the hands.
The main tools, are the balls of the thumbs, followed up by the fingers, and then the palms of the hands. Do one foot at a time. Do both feet as equally as possible to keep the body balanced.
If rubbing any part produces a reaction, then do a bit more to that part, for that is where the real tension lies. If it turns out, that the sore place is a corn or similar, then leave that particular area well alone.
The pressure of the hands should be firm, so that the target knows that one is massaging. Pressure should not be so firm as to risk injury or distress. When an area of tension is found, it is usually best to ease off the pressure of the hands, but to do some more massage to that area.
Do not try obvious spiritual healing without the target's consent, as this can cause offence. If as a therapist, a session tends to drain away energy, then one is spiritual healing. One is using one's own energy to do it, which is very bad practice. In case of energy drain stop giving reflex therapy, at least until the batteries are recharged.
A little spiritual healing can be a good thing. The writer always puts his full attention on the target, and let the mind go blank. On no account try to blank out the mind first. For most people this is a complete impossibility, or will render them unconscious. If one's full attention is on the target, there is little room for thinking. The state of no thought is common to those who have received their enlightenment. Even then it can mean unconsciousness to higher thought processes. Sexual polarity is useful here, as energy will normally be generated between the sexes. In other words, try to work only with members of the opposite sex, or very close friends.
Those just starting may wish to use a detailed plan of massage, and that is given below. This may be used until experience takes over.
Use the hand, flat as a blade, and rub up and down, between each toe, say ten times, with the hand at right angles to the foot.
Twist each toe, say ten times.
Pull each toe, say once, letting ones finger slide as one pulls.
Rub the tip of each toe.
Place the sole of the foot towards one, putting one hand on each side. Use the thumbs on the sole of the foot, working from side to side. Work from the toes, down towards the heal.
Generally massage all surfaces of the foot, toes to heal.
Using a finger and the thumb, one on each side, massage the inside of the achilles tendon. This is especially useful for cystitis.
Do each foot equally.
Reflex therapy has the general effect of turning the ladies on, and is thus a great aid in married life. In a man it will produce impotency for a couple of hours, but this does not reduce sensuality. This is useful for any woman who wishes to give a man a massage session. The last thing she normally needs is the male sexually aroused. Go for the feet first, as this gets the fastest results in relaxation. Go for the other parts of the body, at your leisure.
General circular massage of the back can be useful. If one's hands are strong enough, try running the two thumbs down the spine, one just on each side. Anything more to the spine, should be left to an osteopath. Unfortunately there is no therapeutic value in massaging the front of a lady's body, unless she is pregnant. Then any gentle touch, downwards and across the swollen area, can relieve much tension.