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I have been listening to this album a coupla times over the past month and I love it! Nice pure melodious grooves with a fat bass line, reminiscent of Alien Project. This isn’t full-on hard, dark night stuff, but rather early evening or morning stuff. ‘Scuse if the track listing isn’t in the right order, it’s a demo cd which I got from the producer.
The first track, Homegrown, is slow and lazy with a bit of vocal, nice to listen too when u’re chilling or sitting on a beach watching the sun go down in anticipation of a hard party, maybe even sipping something sweet and juicy, cocktail-like. The beat comes in at 5 min’s and builds up slow to a easy tempo.
Silicon Sunrise isn’t one of my favourites, but it sets the beat and is also a happy uplifting number.
Magnetik, now this is where the fun starts! Although the sample (sounds like something from startrek) isn’t too hot, this is a cool song. The intro opens the door for the song and there is a sound like a foghorn with a break-beat start to the song where the melody joins up and starts the solid beat. After the sample the song kicks off nicely and floats you along with a lot of building up and breaking down before it says farewell.
Aaah, High Orbit, my favourite. Some might remember it from the fushion party Saturday, think it featured in Jim’s set (12-2). A Sample going on about some sattelite and then it tunes orbit, orbit, orbit and the shit hits the fan. Smart. A solid groove to which you can shake your booty relentlessly, I especially like the way he winds up the song, and let’s loose. There are two breaks in the song with some beat-silence, but nothing a good dj can’t use to his advantage. Just after 5 min’s that winding up again and BAM!! There we go again..
The title song Refractions, a bit of a more relaxed tune, when the dancefloor looks like a beating heart, with people bouncing easy and either getting into the mood, or coming down after a hard night of partying. No foaming at the mouth stuff, but you need this at the right time.
More Directions, a re-make of New directions which most of you probably know. Another smooth melody which I like more than the original. Easy listening, but you can also use this one to chase up the tempo a bit. I can just see the sun rising and feel it’s rays on me next to the beach at Silwerstroom (seaside venue in SA). Pure bliss with a couple of bends in the sound just to chase out the acid webs from the night’s party, but behold, 4 minutes into the song he does that windy up thingy again, wheee.
Avalon has a bit of a deeper groove to it. A female voice sample, much like the one used in Homegrown, but more upbeat and darker, but no crazy stuff.
Melody Machine is cool, a last fling to kick the last life out of you, and see you off to either the chill room or your car for some shpongle on your way home.

A really good cd imo. I likes. I know there are some out there who prefer the crazier dementia sweeping the African continent, but this cd works, and with some break beats and good funk thrown in, it’s top of my record box at the moment.
been waitin' for this, didnt know it was out?
don'w know if it's out. i got the cd from Nathaniel (protoculture) when he was here for the Liquid gathering which fell through. he was staying with my brother and his flatmate and he gave me a copy.
it's wicked man :Smile3:

got my copy from ans a week or so ago and I love it. Think astrix but better, much, much better. I've been caning this one on the cd player on my way to work, walking along the sea wall as the sun hits the sea. man I need to play a beach party and just drop a few of this album at sun up. just for me mind :Wink3:

it's due out in about a week or so damion.
Yip !!! another top quality release from the Nano Boys ...
This promo / release is sitting at the top of my box at the moment !!
Protoculture has defined his sound and the mastering is just as shweet . Well produced and a very warm sound indeed .
My personal favourites being tracks 3 - 9 . Track 9 being one of the warmest and most melodic tunes to hit a sun drenched dancefloor in a long time (IMO) .
Good use of sound , great use of space between the sounds and such shweet melodys. in my opinion a superb debut release. Melody machine , Avalon , High orbit being the top's for me.

The albulm should be out next week ..........

Thanx Nat for the sounds .... Thanx Ans and Regan for getting him released

Rex @ Indigo
Have to be honest, didn't really go a bomb on there Ultima Remix, but the samples on chaos blew me away, brilliant. Fat as Phuk but Light and Flowing Melodies, It sounds corking and really original. Ordered it up straight away. Roll on release date.
Top stuff. Didn't know people made stuff as melodic as this anymore. A classy CD that varies from the set Psy production formula with evolving tunes which morph and change, the use of vocals and the odd breakbeat, excellent stuff.

Would love to hear a remix of Homegrown with broken beats all through and no 4/4 kicks.

Up there with Clarity as one of my faves at the moment. If this is what Nano produce I'd better check out some of their earlier stuff.
Meody Machine is probably my favourite, really pretty! :Smile3:
Lovin it, Lovin it, Lovin it
Can't add much really, this is top notch stuff!!One choon is better than the other & am getting worringly addicted to the S.A. sound! :Wink3:
Nano rulezzz!!!
okay okay
i know i am a bit late off the starting blocks on this one, but whats new?
the SA trance scene rocks, and nano made me so proud at the liquid party in october....
protoculture is moving from strength to strength and this album proves just that!
you guys must all pull through to Cape Town for a summer (i.e. now)....not only do we have amazing music-makers and dj's, but some of the most awesome venues, on beaches, in the mountains...all under the hot african sun!

respect to protoculture and the nano crew!
Ok I never know what I'm talking about when it comes to tunes.. but I liked it when Mr5 played it for me.. :unsure:
shit its a girl!!

everyone act normal and pretend we talk about trance in here.

phew, that was a close one
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That's the problem!
We were supposed to talk about Protoculture on this thread!! :P :lolsign:
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hehehe only kidding misstix :Grin:
just surprising to see a girly post in here

your most welcome of course, so what have you bought recently?
tell me tell me, i wanna know what people like n dislike innit
I am absolutley hopeless when it comes to music.. the Protoculture was a prezzie form Paul, he gave me Logic Bomb too (not sure which one tho) but I like that too.. shame we're not going to see them this weekend - but we got stuff do to.. I am DEAD excited for Christmas day coz thats when I get some more wicked music.. so I may be back in the reviews section then.. :Wink3:

Paul left Cypher (imusic) in my car a few weeks ago.. and it's not been out of my cd player yet.. love the squelchie organics sounds..

anyway :offtopic: