Regain your Brain

Great reading for a tin-foil hat wearer like me.

The David Icke link is a bit suspect though. I don't do the whole "lizard people" schtick...
You mean you don't believe all the people in power are shape shifting lizards who feast on virgins blood...?

How odd.

I wouldn't rule it out...

Its more his taste in shell-suits I take issue with.
Cwl link!

This has made for brilliant reading for a workbound Prof. Jist!!!
I agree with Ott on the Icke issue though! My view on the lizard deal is that it's a colourful, but strangley compelling metaphor for all that sucks about the human condition in the 21st century.
That said, I have passed the link on to several of my "sleeping" workmates, in an attempt to trigger the Alarm. If they come away with a belief in shape-shifting reptilian overlords, then "Job Done"!!!

oooh, the lizard ppl :Smile3:

met a guy who was very much into that just the other weekend, had never heard of it before that.
I have a pile of Icke Doumentries / interviews and lectures sitting on a server somewhere on the net if anyone is intrested, drop me a PM for access.

I havn't got round to watching any of it yet, this weekend I will try though - sounds facinating !