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ReGen Magazine, an online dark electronic music publication with an office in San Francisco and staff members across the globe, has a need for a PodCast DJ. Feel free to distribute this post widely to your friends and colleagues. Multiple positions may be available should we receive a high number of qualified applicants.

Check us out online:

We're a non-profit online magazine that covers electronic music, with specific focus on the genres of industrial, EBM and synthpop.

Here is the position description:


As the ReGen resident DJ you will be required to produce an hourly music show every week. This show will be in MP3 format at a specified bitrate. You should have your own mixing software. You will be responsible for preparing the show remotely, exporting the MP3 file and uploading it to our server.You must also post your playlist to the site. Regular radio, club and Internet DJs will find that their skills will easily transfer to the PodCast environment. You will work directly with the Editor. You can expect to spend up to 10 hours a week to produce a professional-sounding, high quality PodCast. You will be a volunteer.

What is a PodCast?
Podcasting is a technology that allows you to schedule downloads of files like MP3s directly to your personal audio player at scheduled intervals, even while you're sleeping! You don't have to use an iPod-you can use any other personal audio player.

Additional tasks will include:

- Gathering voiceover audio from bands for inclusion in the PodCast.
- Creating self-generated promos for inclusion in the PodCast to promote ReGen Magazine.


- You should have your own library of music, although most new music can be provided to you should you need it.
- Must have examples of previous mixes and playlists. Previous experience at a club, radio station or online is highly preferred but not required.
- Must have a wide range of music tastes and be able to produce a diverse show that also adheres to our electronic music format.
- You must have the ability to mix well (beat-match) and also the ability to incorporate our promos into your set.
- You must be able to produce a show that is totally free of RIAA-affiliated bands. We support independent artists.
- New music is more important to us than the "classics". Most good DJ sets are 75-90% new music. Althoguh it is also very important to include older favorites in your mixes, we will specifically look for new music in your playlists.
- ReGen is a large team of people working together to achieve certain goals. You must be able to work in a team environment and must be open to suggestions and compromise. We also respect independent, informed opinions.
- ReGen is a deadline-oriented publication. The PodCast has a weekly deadline that is important to fulfill. Advance notice of absence or tardiness is acceptable in most cases, however, you must strive to meet the deadline.


- Hundreds of people listen to the PodCast every week. You will be recognized for your work.
- If you are a DJ at another location, the cross-promotion may be helpful.
- Networking with artists and record labels.
- Resume-builder
- Free CDs when available.

Other positions are available, please inquire for details. We want to fit as many talented and enthusiastic people into our operation as possible.

These positions last for an indefinite period of time (up to you) and although they are unpaid, your experience will look great on your resume. We will be happy to be a reference and write recommendations for you.


Please send us an e-mail with links to one or more of your mixes and playlists to: Include any relevant attachments like your resume. Sorry, we cannot accept discs of your mixes in the mail. We will be happy to set up an FTP account for you to upload your mix to our sever should you not have a link for us.

Contact Person: Nick Garland, Editor.