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Does anyone know of a leting angency or anybody who needs a flat mate in the southamton area??? I will be needing to move shortly and have no idea where to look?? Any help would be appreciated :jump:


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
not sure if they're still about but a company called Acquest Montague were f*ing awesome when i dealt with them, guy there called John Clapham oughta be able to sort you out. this is going back a few years ago.
Glens Accommodation also worth a poke, more studenty digs though.
Dont have numbers mate, sorry


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
ahhhh also try posting on, southampton DJ/clubbing forum, see if anyone needs a flatmate


Dont know how soon youre looking to move but I live in halls and apparently I need to sort out my place for next year pretty soon and get a deposit and shit. U like loud music??? And drugs???