rex files and cubase

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back in the days of cubase 3.7, i dabbled with making drum n bass type stuff by chopping up breaks in recycle then importing into cubase, which would proceed to put each slice in the right place - so the loop works at the tempo the track is at. kind of the point of recycle really...

but, no more! i've been messing with my old rex files in cubase sx2, and it imports them as if they were un-touched wav files, with not even an attempt to make use of all my hard work slicing the loops up! think this applies to .rex and .rx2 (or whatever it is) as i have some of each format..

i cant see any obvious options.. any ideas?


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With Cubase SX3 and a rex2 file it seemed to import fine with the slice being imported as it was done in Recycle. If it doesn't work for you, I guess one solution is to export the rex files as mdi, import the midi data to Cubase and have Reason as the sound module through Rewire drive the sound.

Sturdy Pete

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version .. hmmm that could be it.

acutally got round it in the end using time stretch to make the loops be the right length for a bar etc.. makes for some fun effects when going from 170 odd down to 140! not quite what i wanted but seems to work.

as for the using reason rexplay + midi - its chopping up audio that i want, rather than tweaking midi.. though there are a few fun things that the rex player can do.

ta for the help :Smile3: hopefully i can get it working now..


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After being 'enlightened' to the joys of .rex audio chopping yesterday :Smile3:... i realise how much fun it is!
(cheers Colin :Wink3: )