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Right then,

From the other thread I posted on sub cutting just a while ago it seems to me that there is considerable confusion (and just out and out disagreement :irolleyes ) about what sounds good on a fat system.

This leads me to think, that maybe the next step for me as a producer would to be to learn as much as possible about big rigs and associated theory/technology.


How the hell did you learn about such things as rigs, and what constitutes a good one, because it strikes me as a bit of a black art to say the least, and surely the better that rig builders and psy producers understand each others need, then the better the sound of the party.

Don't be afraid of going techy on me - I lap this stuff up. :irofl:

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Speakafreaka said:
strikes me as a bit of a black art :

ya probs right i rek.....
as well as the links biggins posted check out the ''Eminence design'' book...loadsa knowledge n some simple plans to get ya goin.....
Theres a link to HD forum from speaker plans....peeps know their shite on that.

what is it ya fancy building....

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You have to remember that rigs are rarely built for JUST one type of music, be that psy, techno or dub....Obviously, free party rigs do tend to get built with a leaning towards the music type(s) played by the members of the crew, but commercial rigs and brands are designed and intended for use with anything...

Also take 2 sound engineers/designers ask them each to build a rig for a particular application and you'll end up with two completely different systems!


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hehehe they have as well, i never realised. i like the ones with thhe straight edges. look like a design by some other well know speaker company though, maybe fane