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This is me :-

http://photos.wanadoo.co.uk/shared/photo.html?c_album=810382&photo=10896852&page=&group= :bananada:

I like to do too much of everything! Treasure hunting, fishing for fish, apple bobbing and turkish delight are purely optional in my life!

PSY-T parties are what help me leave the book worms wriggling in peace in there own ruddy mess! :jump:

I have the greatest respect for you people at the parties. People of spirit and nature whom welcome me unconditionally. We all have our own stories to share so put that diary down and come join the party!

Now listen...
Hehe i just love that avatar! And another manc! Yay! :welcome:

:lol: :Grin: :lol: :Grin: :hehe: :lol1: :lol1:
High ya, riky mate! :lol1:

Thats far out man! :o

When i first read your posts i thought!
is that the guy i met at Ruthin, whos on the photos? :Smile3:

Then here's me! :?

askin! "does anyone know him?"

When i knew you in the first place :? :runsmile: Sorry mate!

If your goin to kulu 2moro? :speaker:

See u down there! :drinking:
Heya Rikybiky, met ya at Indigo. Welcome to the forum mate.....some photos up on the Psypix server

Party onnnnnnn

:sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:
:party2: :party2: :party2: :party2: :party2:
Hiya Rick!!

Jake tole' me bout peeps thinkin you were a powlice man.... shockin' hey!

Shame you never made it to Anglesea, was quiet but fab :Grin: lots of :sun:
and :party2:

Are you going to Fuzzy Logic on Friday? May see you there if ya do do do doooo :Smile3:

Hugs & Smiles
Choo Choooo
high rick :Smile3:

pity u didnt get out at the wk\nd!

hope to see u at fuzzy\psyBASE wk\ender :bananada:

gonna be a wKd vibe there :Grin:

Take it easy mate :ph34r:
Hi rikybiky & :welcome: to the :party2: