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Release date – February 2004

1) Anyone seen bender?
2) Pacific Producers
3) Hope was closed
4) Cabbage de la Tetradink
5) Syntax and Whiskey (remix)
6) Charlie Cat
7) Tune from Childhood
8) Stampede
9) Power Spooge

:: INFO ::

‘Rabbit from Darkside’ is the long anticipated debut album from South African producer Rinkadink; nine months in the making. The album was written in Japan and London in between extensive touring, engineered and influenced by the people and the parties around the world.

Definitely twisted and extremely unpredictable, off the wall tracks masterly constructed while still retaining a mainstream appeal, ‘Rabbit from Darkside’ is an evolution in the mayhem that is Rinkadink. Completely fresh and unreleased tracks that has been devastating and tickling unsuspecting dancefloors in his live sets over the while.

The album encompasses the full spectrum of styles, definitely left of field yet hopelessly groovy. Dusty and disorderly, developed and tweaked while touring, it has been finely retuned and remixed before the final incarnations arrived on the album. Collaborations on the CD include 2 tracks written with reclusive Mike Modular – (Pacific Producers and Power Spooge), and a collaboration with the Green Reefah (Charlie Cat). ‘Rabbit from Darkside’ includes the fine tuned and fresh take on last years global dance floor hit ‘Syntax and Whiskey’, co- written with Alchemy Records DJ Shane Gobi. From melodic tracks in the vain of Rinkadink’s ‘Ultima’ to dark, nasty and twisted, the album takes you down a deep and vibrant rabbit-hole full of madness.

‘Rabbit from Darkside’ completely twists your head while keeping your feet firmly embedded on the dancefloor. A cacophony of pure mayhem and striking originality, this album is a quantum leap far beyond the norm.

MP3 samples are available from the Alchemy Records MAILING LIST.
me too....
been waiting for this to be released for ages....
im sure this is gonna be a classic and a best selling release for alchemy!

any1 know i can find the original of 'Syntax and Whiskey’ ??
Another Proudly South African release sure to make dancefloors go crazy
Can't wait
:Wink3: :partysmi:
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Wiley Peyote @ Jan 19 2004, 09:39 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> any1 know i can find the original of 'Syntax and Whiskey’ ?? [/quote:4c1bcbd78a]
Whiplash - Syntax & Whiskey

on the first Nano Recs release, Emergence :grin:
Looking Forward TO Checking This Out... :Wink3:
Loved Ultima haven't heard that much other rinkadink stuff,
apart from the Wild Life CD Track - which is good.
Yeh, literally can't wait for this. Some of Rinkadink's tunes are just incredible :partysmi:

Suprised he didn't have an album out sooner :P
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (geoffwiffen @ Jan 20 2004, 09:51 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> apart from the Wild Life CD Track - which is good. [/quote:1642fca200]
Hmmm I do like a lot of his stuff but that Spektral Monkey tune really didn't do it for me. Looking forward to checking this album out though :Smile3:
I have only had it a few hours but the guy (rinkadink) has what many a producer wishes of and thats being able to create a certain sound and distinctiveness.

Every track has a certain similarity, im not saying the tracks are similar because they are not its just that they have this sound if you know what i mean.
But gorrrrrr, fookin luvleey im sure to replace this with my half decent time strech (Space Tribe) album which is only a few days old.
Rinkadink – Rabbit From Darkside

Format: CD
Artist: Rinkadink
Title: Rabbit From Darkside
Label: Alchemy Records, U.K.
Cat. #: ALCD 009
Date: February 23rd.
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 05’53†Anyone Seen Bender?
02. 07’09†Pacific Producers
03. 06’57†Hope Was Closed
04. 07’04†Cabbage Al La Tetradink
05. 07’25†Syntax & Whiskey (Rmx)
06. 07’14†Charlie Cat V.4
07. 07’09†Tune From Childhood
08. 07’15†Stampede
09. 05’57†Power Spooge


Behold the rabbit from darkside. That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

Prior to this debut album from South African producer Vana (Werner Van Jaarsveld), my knowledge of Rinkadink was limited… I’ve only heard a couple of tracks on the odd compilation here and there… So I didn’t really have any expectations when this arrived in my mailbox… So much greater was my joy when I put this on and found this to be really refreshing album…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: The first thought that enter your mind when this track opens, is darkness… Very wicked, dark, gloomy almost industrial sounds… But a bass line is introduced fast enough, and soon familiar Futurama-samples are sprinkled all over… Kick-ass bleeps and twirls @ 3’00 and then Bender ask “Why would God think in binary… Unless!?â€â€¦;o) This track is both atmospheric and stunning… My only gripe is that it’s a little too short… I want more! Amazing track!

#02: This album is mixed, so there’s no time to chill out between tracks. Luckily this baby starts slower, taking a dip in the Pacific… But we are soon greeted by a pounding bass line followed by your random full on mayhem… After a short bass pause, a thicker bass kicks in followed by the melody that was introduced in the beginning of the track. Filters play a big role in this track, and it’s cool to lean back and listen to how Werner twists those knobs… ;o) Nice track!

#03: We launch straight into a very cool intro here… Something is played in reverse, something is messed up, but it sounds great… It’s soon replaced by a typical 2004 full on sound… But luckily, it isn’t all boring and predictable… Rinkadink is playing with the listener, exposing us to all kinds of psychedelic mayhem; cut beats, accelerating bass lines and funny samples…“All over this bitch!â€â€¦ From the pretty “standard†middle part, the rest of the track with its great innovation and freshness strikes a remarkable contrast… It is however an interesting contrast! Great track!

#04: Another great intro here, very atmospheric with clever use of animal-samples – kinda feels like you’re in the South African jungle for a moment there…Nice! More full on here, with excessive use of acid synths, with neat little feather-light twirly melodies… It’s hard not to enjoy those! I’m still guessing what the hell the title means!? Anyway, cool track!

#05: Right, so this is a remix of the track Whiplash - Syntax & Whiskey from the Nano Records compilation Emergence… Alchemy label boss, Shane Gobi helped twist the knobs on this baby… Well done gents! Unfortunately I have not heard the original, so I can’t tell you whether this is better or not. What I can tell you however is that this is one hell of a tune… Stomping, dark, aggressive full on wizardry for late, late nights on the dance floor… The acid peaks in this will drill deep into your brain… Holy fug, this is awesome! ;o)

#06: It’s hard to top such a great track, but Charlie Cat makes an honest attempt… This continues down the same path, though this isn’t nearly as insane as its predecessor… Powerful bass in a fast, dark night track… Snares play a big part in this track as well… Oh, and I really dig the heavily pitched up vocoded voice sample… Great track!

#07: Now we’re taking a different direction, this is much lighter, happier… I guess the sun has set, and it’s time to break out the melodies… And what was the tune from Vena’s childhood? It was the theme from an old Amiga game called Turrican II… It’s not the first time, we hear music from old school computer games in tracks, but still it’s kinda unusual… Sounds very original… Nice track!

#08: Silence…. Boom……....Boom……. Boom…. Boom, boom, boom, faster, faster, faster… Yeah, that’s just the way this track starts… Before we know it, it’s Rinkadink territory again… Sound madness, crazy ass samples pitched to a unrecognizable pulp of psychedelia… The odd happy synth melody here and there, always the strong kick from a familiar bass. Rinkadink found his formula, and it’s awesome! I’m not running anywhere! Cool track!

#09: This is the Rinkadink version of a chilled track at the end of an album… It’s slightly slower than the rest, but the heavy bass is still very much present here… Really cool synth-effects in this track… Unfortunately it’s the last one – what’s the rush Vana? You could’ve easily squeezed another gem in here! Anyway, this is a very worthy ending of a great, epic album… And remember, we’re all made of spooge! Great track!

The promotional text states that this is “A cacophony of pure mayhem and striking originality, this album is a quantum leap far beyond the norm†Well, I wouldn’t go as far as quantum leap, but this certainly is an interesting album… I have a few minor gripes against it though: First of all, a few of the tracks seems a bit short, the longest one running for only 7’25 minutes… Also, I’m not the biggest fan of mixed CDs… But as written, those are minor gripes that do not ruin the overall impression of a stellar album. Neo full on is neo full on, and I must confess that there are smaller elements of this album that sound like the endless stream of neo full on releases… But this is, however miles ahead of your usual GMS-clone… I cannot stress that enough! The cover-art is funny, yet classy. Fits the style perfectly!

This is a great album, and I would recommend it to everyone who likes modern, twisted full on psychedelia…


Favourites: 1 (!!), 3, 5 (!!!), 6, 9


External links:
Alchemy Records: Alchemy Records
Chaos Unlimited: Chaos Unlimited(soundclips available)
Psyshop: Psyshop.com (soundclips available)
Saiko Sounds: Saikosounds.com (soundclips available)
Trance Shop: Trance Shop
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (DeathPosture @ Mar 6 2004, 03:38 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> And what was the tune from Vena’s childhood? It was the theme from an old Amiga game called Turrican II… [/quote:9b879ec7e0]
This proves either that random rays of inspiration are generated in bulk, or that I've got little gremlins sitting next to my bed that write down my ideas and give them to successful producers.

Or it could just prove that it's a funny old world. :Wink3:

I say this because I was thinking of using music from the same game as the basis for a track a while ago. As an aside, the guy who wrote the original, then working with a small German game developer called Factor 5, was brought over to the US along with the rest of the Factor 5 crew and now the team responsible handle the Star Wars license for LucasArts (Lucasfilm Games).

His name's Chris Huelsbeck, and his website's here.


* - After a quick listen over at Chaos, Vana's used the Level 1 music whereas I was going to use the intro - still probably a bit close for comfort though...
Looking forward to hearing this guy live on Saturday! Hopefully should be able to get a copy of the CD from Chaos before then.

Can't believe he's gone and used the music from Turrican II - that was one of the first things I ever learned to play on a synth! Looking forward to hearing this.
Rainbow Arts (now defunct) own that particular copyright, so it's a grey area. Besides, from what I've heard about the guy, he'd probably not be that bothered. He quite likes trance by all accounts (don't know if he's familiar with psy though).

Another REview for a wicked CD... :Grin:
'Rabbit from Darkside', (the debut album from Renegade Producer'Rinkadink'), has finally tumbled out of the Rabbit Hole onto the shelves of all self respecting Trance music suppliers..!! ... 'Rabbit from Darkside' delivers a fresh and energetic blend of Psychedelic dancefloor stompers... unmistakably Rinkadinky.... yet somehow different... the tracks were all written in various countries... ultimatley influencing the finished product!...'Rabbit from Darkside' defies labeling.... other than 'contained madness'or 'bridled insanity'.Produced to the usual high Rinkadink standard..the jounrey is a bubbling cocktale of madness & laughter.

1. anyone seen bender.(140BPM) - Resonating with metalic 'pads & perc', hilarious samples.... screwed together with Vanna's sense of humour..RinkaFunK Basslines....animated FXs..this has gotta be My favourite opening track of any album.!!

2. pacific producers.(144BPM) - Written with Mike Modular-(& PP1)- quite litterally 'giggles' with you as it bounces its way through some rather chilled pads and percussion....only the bass and open Hats control your stomping feet as your mind is taken on a carnival ride...

3. hope was closed.(142BPM) - Things suddenly seem to get serious, darker, down to business.. when suddenly... "you lay in the cuts great sitting on your ass and getting your drink on and snak on, while we floss and fly this Mo Fo,..all over this Bitch".... and the track goes off....night time, big stabs and pads, driving bass and percussion...its pure mechanised mayhem!!!!

4.cabbage al la tetradink(144BPM) - different progressions... but moving full throttle...the Bassline is quite relentless, but then seems to brighten...weird panned out fx.. delays everywhere... pure outdoor madness!

5.syntax & whiskey(rmx).(144BPM) - REvisited and REvamped.. this is one of my favourite tracks on the album. Full of attitude, brimming with madness... relentless rythmes..it nails you to the stomp..this track has not suffered at all by being remixed, infact, it could be a better take than the original(matter of opinion).

6. charlie cat v.4.(146BPM) - written with Green Reefah, charlie cat is a huge tune.... slightly haunting, while sinister bass riffs carry the swirling mid & top sections throughout the journey... confusion desends at the climax

7.tune from childhood.(145BPM) - This is my other favourtie track on the album.... musically it is the most interesting, and it makes all the right moves at the right time... still packed full of vanna's sense of fun.... nice percussive twists and melody attentive basslnes... It will undoubtedly be an outdoor summer hit!!

8. stampede.(145BPM) - things get tightened down.. and phat pads announce the stampede.... this is a stomper,,, 4 to the floor rudeness! a percussive use of delays and fx, crisp and tidy.. a retro'ish-acid bitch-lead - rockin!

9. power spoodge.(140BPM) - again with the illusive Mike Modular, an uplifting, bouncy end to the journey..verby pads...wiggling mid-riffs..tight ass percussion.. leaves you with a smile..'we are all,, made .. of spoodge'!?! to be sure
uuuuhhhhhhh, i think i just spilled my juice. :cheekywink: