Risky on outofthevoid.co.uk radio tonight *02/02/05*


oh go on, just one then..
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This is a weekly show organised by a Southampton Dance Music forum. It's different music every week, but this week:

02/02/05 - 8pm-10pm * RISKY aka IAN KIRKHAM * PSYTRANCE

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oh go on, just one then..
fractalated sponsoring me with cd decks. respect goes out to the man at this point :Wink3: yeehaaa


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
aaaack it's the same time as redfive's!!! buggeration. i'll switch over to this one whenever he plays the skazi remix of bronski beat he's been on about for weeks.

are you using a mic ian?



oh go on, just one then..
all mic'ed up! although i will be letting the music do most of the talking: bleep, squelch, oomph, DADAAA! :Smile3: