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Roland MC-505 Groove Box, it cost me £899 new but i am prepared to sell really cheap to whoever makes me the best offer. i have allready been offered £250


The MC-505 Groovebox builds upon the successful MC-303 as a
self-contained, retro-styled dance music sequencer and sound module
with newly upgraded sounds and powerful, futuristic features. Among
these features are the revolutionary D-Beam* light-sensing controller
and a MEGAMIX function for intuitive realtime mixing of beats and
patternsmaking the MC-505 a DJ, hip-hop, techno or dance music
artists dream come true. Features-Professional Groovebox featuring
high-performance sound engine: 64-voice polyphony, steeper filters,
ADSR envelope for editing sounds, powerful effects. 714 onboard
dance music patterns developed by cutting-edge sound designers
worldwide. 512 built-in sounds and 26 rhythm sets, including the latest
dance, hip-hop and techno music sounds and classic drum and synth
sounds (TB-303, TR-808, JUNO, Jupiter, etc.). Revolutionary D-Beam*
Controller allows for effects and sound/note control via hand and body
movement over infrared light beam, *D-Beam Controller technology
has been licensed from Interactive Light, Inc. Three independent,
synchronizable effects processors; powerful onboard Arpeggiator
MEGAMIX function allows for intuitive pattern creation by combining
rhythms and parts of one pattern with another. Full MIDI
implementation; enhanced sequencer section with increased note
storage; multiple outputs (3 stereo/6 mono); new assignable Part Mixer
sliders. SmartMedia slot accepts external 2MB and 4MB SmartMedia
cards for unlimited pattern and patch storage and direct pattern

heres some more details....

Roland Premieres MC-505 Groovebox: Fat Sounds, Futuristic Controls
& Bold New Grooves

Highly-Anticipated MC-505 Groovebox Features Enhanced Sounds,
Professional Features and Revolutionary D-Beam When Roland
introduced the MC-303 Groovebox in 1996, the integrated dance music
sequencer/sound module quickly won over the hearts and speakers of
groove music makers worldwide, selling an amazing 50,000 units in
just 18 months. The key to its success? Cool dance music sounds,
cutting-edge patterns, easy controls and a funky, retro styling that
everybody loved. But there were some groove music professionals
who, quite simply, wanted more...

Stepping forward to deliver one of the biggest advancements in groove
music since the programmable drum machine, Roland introduces the
MC-505 Groovebox. This bold new integrated sequencer/sound
module picks up where the MC-303 left off, giving groove-heads a
high-performance groove-oriented sound engine with 64-voice
polyphony, precise controls, new ultra-powerful effects, massive
memory, a MEGAMIX function and the revolutionary light-sensing
D-Beam Controller. (The funky styling, of course, remained intact.)

Thanks to its 64-voice polyphony and a new high-performance sound
chip, the MC-505 offers 512 of the fattest sounds on the dance music
scene. Twenty-six specially-created onboard rhythm kits deliver low
kicks, snares and hits galore, meaning that from the latest lo-fi techno
and hip-hop sounds to all those classic Roland drum and synth
sounds (TB-303, TR-808, TR-909, Juno, Jupiter, et al.), the MC-505's
got it covered. And to ensure that groove-heads get exactly the sound
they're after, the 505 features steep multi-mode resonant filtering,
ADSR envelope controls, enhanced LFO and Filter/ Amplifier controls
and a Low Boost knob with an Octave switch (warn the neighbors now).

Making full use of these sounds, the MC-505 features 714 preset
dance music patterns, ranging from the latest Trance, Ambient, and
Drum 'n' Bass grooves to Latin, Reggae, Old-School, Funk and
Hip-Hop. These patterns were developed by some of the world's
foremost sound designers, and they can be used "as is" or edited and
combined into unique new User patterns.

Aiding in pattern combination is the new MEGAMIX function, which
allows for the seamless combination of distinct parts from different
patterns and songs. Even parts with wildly different tempos and feels
can be combined, offering some very powerful and unique results and
giving MC-505 users an unlimited canvas to create original patterns
"on the fly."

One of the most innovative enhancements to the MC-505, however, is
the revolutionary new D-Beam Controller*. The D-Beam Controller
allows musicians to control MC-505 effects, sounds and note
information with hand and body movement through an invisible,
infrared beam of light. D-Beam effects include "Turntable," which can
be used to control tempo by raising or lowering the hand over the light
beam; "Cutoff & Resonance," which simultaneously controls a sound's
cutoff frequency and resonance parameters according to subtle hand
motion; and "Ad Lib," which allows for improvising melodies using one
of 21 preset scales. In addition to greatly increasing the MC-505's
expressive capabilities, the D-Beam controller enhances the onstage,
visual aspects of performance. And better yet, all D-Beam control
information can be transmitted from the MC-505 via MIDI.

Speaking of effects, the MC-505 features three independent,
synchronizable onboard effects processors, offering powerful reverb,
chorus and delay sounds, as well as new cutting-edge effects like:
"Radio Tuning," which makes patterns sound as if they are playing over
the air; "Phonograph," for simulating record player noise; and "Slicer"
for creating rhythmic permutations of sounds. In all, 24 insert effects
complement the dedicated reverb and delay effects, with rate
parameters automatically sync'd to tempo.

The MC-505's powerful onboard sequencer boasts three quantize
functions-grid, shuffle and groove-as well as a built-in Arpeggiator with
53 styles and a Realtime Phrase Sequencer (RPS) for instant
triggering of musical phrases with a single key. Sequencer capacity
has been increased to 95,000 notes, while a new SmartMedia card slot
allows for external pattern and patch storage via 2MB and 4MB
SmartMedia cards. By adding a single 4MB card, the MC-505 can store
an additional 480,000 notes (200 patterns), 512 patches and 20 rhythm
sets. And direct SmartMedia pattern and song playback is possible for
live performance applications.

As a self-contained professional dance music workstation, the
MC-505's other features include: full MIDI control, with knob and slider
movements output via MIDI for easy editing; sound editing while
listening to phrases from an external sequencer; three stereo audio
outputs (six mono) for external processing; and a new assignable Part
Mixer for slider-based control of part level, panning, key shift, reverb
delay send levels and MEGAMIX functions.

Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of
electronic musical instruments, professional audio equipment,
multimedia products and music accessories.


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I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!!.....even thought I once covered one in ketchup out of protest (much better now thanx...)

are you still selling it??? :Grin: