Roland V-synth

Drat Mafia

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Well...I had the chance to play on one of these for a week, and I'm almost ready to sell my soul to get one. This thing is the best synth I have ever used, sooooo good, get on of these and you'll never run out of ideas....almost seems like it was built to make trance and dub on :Smile3: wow wow wow PS the album Native Radio is grrreat, especially you Jamez 23 heh
yea it uses the same revolutionary formant pitch/time stretching facility as the roland V sampler thing that came out about three years ago - in other words u can pitch a voice down or up without losing speed or character of the sound -
a great idea to use this technology with synthesis, but as of yet havent really tried it out but i will def have to, sounds good!
Did anyone get one of these vsynths? How are they?