Room to let for 6 weeks in Brixton

Rhino Plasti

Sailing the Brixton Seas
Hey y'all,
We've got a room to let for 6 weeks from 25th July.
Alex - our little soldier - is off to India and wants to let his room for this period.

Nice sized room - About £320 pcm all inclusive. Quiet street in the heart of the Brixton Massive.
You'll have to put up with 2 hormonal women, a few plants, Clawd the cat and me. (We had fish but someone overfeed them and they died. The burial was very sweet)
Other great attractions include the lovely people down the road, Brockwell Park, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation, weekly trip to the Effra, Otto's weed shop, amazing home cooked food, certifiable madness.
please contact me via e-mail on if you're for real.

Easy - Glen C

Rhino Plasti

Sailing the Brixton Seas
Its just that dude. All a bit of cosmic speculation within a garden. Otto is the Brixton Massive's treasurer - (although he doesn't know it yet) and he has a weed shop !!!