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erm... I'm sure this counts as selfish self promotion or something, but I do lots of drawings of stuff, and I thought people may want to have a looksie at what I do. Those with long term memories may recall Chris Organics album which came out a while ago, which I did the cover for - and was really quite pleased with. Hope you like

Really nice Rory! Have u ever thought about doing some Crimbo/Brithday cards? I reckon your style would suite that kinda thing.
Hi everyone,

thanks for the kind words everyone. To see the picture that colin oood was talking about go here:

I've got a christmas card project on the go at the moment, though I'm at a loss (momentarily) as to what to draw. Any suggestions?

cool bananas

thanks very much.

If anyone has need of some cool artwork doing, i'm always on the lookout for things to do.

In fact, if anyone's interested, i'm running an internet based black and white line art society. If you wanna join, just get in touch, or have a looksie here to find out all about it.

it's jolly exciting!