S-Ral / Electrolysis (CD)


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S-Ral - psytrance project from germany

Release 2005: Electrolysis
Label: Acoustic-Motions


12 tracks in typical S-Ral sound & style...

...progressive, psychedelic, melodic !

please visit www.s-ral.de for demos

1. Promontory (5.09)
2. Shadows (5.16)
3. Yoicks! (5.20)
4. Condonation (5.35)
5. Helter-Skelter (5.13)
6. Oxyhydrogen (5.27)
7. Tarmac (7.03)
8. Renascene (6.31)
9. Alchemical (5.16)
10. Nostrum (5.11)
11. Captured (7.49)
12. Elegy (8.49)

S-Ral presents a new, individual and self-willed music, which one can describe best as progressive, psychedelic and melodic psytrance. It is difficult to compare to other products on the market. S-Ral means “non-mainstream†sound and tries to succeed with an own stylistic.
Influenced by many different music-styles the project tries to perform a experience of sound for the listener. Getting much positive resonance after several live & dj sets, now you can get the first S-Ral cd compilation “Electrolysisâ€. It contains 12 tracks in the typical S-Ral style and sound. Released by Acoustic-Motions in June 2005. Because S-Ral is a non commercial project there is only a limited edition of the compilation. You should really take a listen to this sound, for a better understanding even two-times, but then it is guaranteed that you will like it...sounds nice, looks good - a great production.

CD now available: