safely remove hardware icon: where is it?


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hi all,

i have a problem with my (Dell) music workstation... it's running XP and it's relatively new and shiny.

there used to *always* be a 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon - a lil green arrow and something else - which nestled in the taskbar, whereby i could stop USB devices (like my soundcard) before turning them off / unplugging.

without this icon unplugging any USB device (or indeed, turning off my soundcard) causes a heart-stopping blue screen... yesterday after installing a new piece of hardware, an Edirol midi contoller, i noticed the icon has gone!

the power adapter for my soundcard died last week and i've just got a new one - so i haven't used USB devices for a coupla days. i can't be sure when exactly the Safely Remove Hardware icon disappeared, so i don't know if it was gone before i installed the midi controller or not.

but basically this means that i cannot power-down my soundcard, which is not ideal...

i've tried going taskbar-properties-hidden icons-customise and selecting the 'always show' dropdown for Safely Remove Hardware, but to no avail. i can't seem to actually find the program (is it a program?) itself via searching or anything...

can anyone help - bearing in mind that i have very limited computer knowledge/skills?

thanks heaps!


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edit: i can actually power-down my soundcard without undue hassle. but the icon is still nowhere to be found!


isn't the icon still there as it was in previous window's but just hidden behind the little arrow - i.e. you press the arrow and more icons appear? That's what happens on mine.

Otherwise you can do it in Device Manager - find the USB item in their, right click it, etc. etc.