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Hey all, just joined the forums after attending the recent misztifiedminds party, and thought all involved deserved huge thanks and big hugs.
I hail from the Cambridge area near a town called Saffron Walden which seems to be unusually well-known throughout the country...despite it being small and fairly insignificant.
Went to the Glade this year which was definitely the best weekend of my life. Been going to various freeparties for about a year now so its about time i joined the psychedelic underground - the best place to meet the best people :ismile:




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Hey there splitmind.... :welcome:

Welcome to the forum!!!

I didn't attend the misztifiedmind party previously
but i heard that everyone had lots of fun
who i've spoken to...
:iyes: good to here you had fun too!!

I know some lovely people who live in cambridge,
no idea where abouts though,
as i've never visited cambridge before!

Glade rocked indeeed :ibiggrin:

xxxx Liz


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thank u :Smile3:
noticed you are from winchester. i went to gnomelands near there this year. wikked party


Furious Homegrown
and lots and lots of people. one of the best ive been to. psytrance sounds best in the middle of a forest :ilol: