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well hello psi trance line this the kind of forum people would be welcomed on with open arms...............or a place of great darkness inhabited by pseudopsychedeilc cyber geeks intent on making the newbie "cry like a little girl"??????????

<awaits humerous replies with baited breath>
:welcome: to the forum Superboss.

Open armed of course, give it a while for the paranoia to set in though and somebody'll probably start accusing you of being a copper or worse. :Wink3:

ps: not a line dancer, that's far too organised and serious. :P
:welcome: dude!

I thought this was a disco forum :?

No Psy trance dancers :party2: :party2: :party2: only smiley dancers!
Is he a copper then...has he passed the copper test yet :lol:

Welcome newbie....or is it another alter ego from an existing member :ph34r:

:party2: :party2: :party2: :party2:
Are there any disco fans in here tonight?

Doof - doof - doof - doof....

:welcome: to the forum dude, even copper have flouro jackets! :lol:
thanks for the welcomes...that makes me real happy...i'm up for promotion to desk sergeant next week and i'm sure all the boys at the met will be glad i have cracked your "secretcive ring"

i generally come on forums to skive work and get info for huge busts and raids...but hey guys(et filles)....nothing what u like...just don't get caught.......

anyway looking fwd to another monday of long underpaid hours....

but on the brightside...looks like i got my first record contract thru today......wahey!!!

going homee to peruse its @legalities@ namew is steev...i like to dance...but don't take it too seriously..i make tunes (not psytrance) i call them psychedelic breakbeats..........

here up north...but LANDAN born...

see you all about
superboss said:
looks like i got my first record contract thru today
Congratulations steev, you'll have to post some of your stuff so we can have a listen.

You may want to connect with Soliptic, as he's 'Op Norf' and producing in a very psy break-beat place. Have a mooch around the media area, you'll find his link in his signature.
as soon as possible...i have no access at home and have left mp3s out of the loop since mp3.con closed down last time

woo hoo
Hiya :Grin: Welcome Hope u enjoy :hihug:

WHEEE!! snacky cakes anyone?!!?

aww please I hardly had any today and I'm fresh out of fortune cookies (yeah hope you werent saving them for spesh occassion Norty dearest :ph34r: )

welcome and stuff - stick on some whiskers and come play :wub:

xxFerret xx :rolleyes:
Hi.. i'm a "newhere" love psy and the eletronic scene ..hope to get in touch with lot of people fromt eh psyworld :P