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Hello, spotted this forum whilst surfing on a night-shift at work and it looks like my bag so I thought being as the waters so lovely I might as well jump right in.

I won't befuddle everyone with too much about my random life and doings but I think it only fair to share a bit (and probably more over time!)

I'm a kent-dweller, so have probably bumped into numerous peeps here in fields and forests in & around the Garden of England at some point, seeing as the psy-scene in my neck of the woods is pretty healthy.

I'm a serious outdoor party lover and live for music in all its shapes and forms. I also DJ and produce my own tunes (allbeit not psy-trace but hey-ho) I'd like to state that this isn't down to any apathy towards psy-trance, but I think you should play what suits you as a person and for me that's fluffy downtempo and occasional smatterings of furious breaks.

If anyone were so inclined, examples of what I do can be found on under the heading "our music". I'm endtheory on there too (consistency at it's finest!!!) :Smile3:

Alongside music, soundsystem-based shenanigans, parties and all that goes with it, I work for a charity that helps young refugees and enjoy keeping my brain from turning to cat food by reading and watching the occasional decent film when I can find one.

Anyways....I've rambled enough. Just wanted to say hi :gonnasta: HELLO!


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Hi endtheory & :welcome: to the party :party2:


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Welcome and I think you'll fit in right here...

:sun: :wizard1: :shrooms: :drinking: :smokingr: :clubjump: :party2:


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Hi dude :welcome: to the forum. I am also a member of tengo who i know put on a psy-trance evening of their own in ashford last sat. Liquid ross played and said it was a great night. It is heartening to see other people embracing the scene. And as a fellow kent person you may be intrested in this This is a link to our party on the 5th in Maidstone. Though you may have already seen it on tengo <hehe>

hey love the tunes.................... :sun: