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Hello :Smile3:

I've started a small business venture selling Ethnic Biotanicals (herbals highs to u and me!) on-line. To start with I've got a decent sized batch of very very good Salvia Divinorum (Diviners Sage) in 7.5x strength and 15x strength.... double extraction too so its really potent!

7.5x is being sold at 12.50 per gram
15x is being sold at £20.00 per gram...... plus p&p

I have a pay pal account set up and I will also accept credit card payments... or If you are in Liverpool/Wirral then you can buy it straight from me :Grin:

As far as I am aware the price is very good, certainly for the N.W.
I'm having a few problems with the web site at the moment (grrr) but as soon as its working i'll post the addy.... until then if any one would like to purchase some then just p.m. me.

For any one who hasn't tried Salvia Divinorum, please be warned that it is a very potent, short lived halloucenogenic.... I've been doing mushrooms and acid etc for years and it COMPLETLEY blew me away! hehe.

Love & Hugs
Choo x :tongue1: x
Yeah man , salvia is great,, I tried 10x and it blew my head off... :?
I don't know if it can be taken at psy party's,, if anyone has done it before please let us know :!:

I smoked it (half a gram) through a pipe, lighting it with a powerfull gas lighter, wow, I didnt know where I was (in my own house) and started laughing (maliciously) at the situation... I then lied down and experienced my mind leaving my body, floating around in my past life,, oohlala

After about 5 minutes I returned to earth feeling very stoned for the next 2-3 hours with flashbacks... :smokingr:
Aye, tis a bit of a mad one!

If i'm at a psy party and its a very nice, sunny day then i would maybe find some where peacefull, away from the party with a few friends and try some.... not in the middle of a party tho.. could all go a bit mad!

I only had a tiny bit (you can get about 15 hits out of 1 gram of 7.5x) and i dissapeared into a simpsons like cartoon where all the coulours on me were made up of mini me's marching in line with back packs on...... and the coulours on the mini me's were made up of mini me's marching in line with back packs on..... and in and in....! Then i saw the end credits of my life as a cartoon rolling on the t.v. of my life.... then it got odder!

I think i had too much when that happened, but i'm told that its allways fairly full on!! Not for the fient hearted me thinks! :?

I could visualise like never, ever before after it though... i think it kinda gives your brain a big kick up the visual arse :Grin:
Salvia is a teacher plant - you can learn from your experiences with it. There are 6 'levels', the highest being comatose.

A friend and I prepared 5 pipes' worth, got to level 3. My friend got a buzz, I had a life changing experience that is still with me today.

Until my recent terrible experience at Full Moon, I was going to try it again, but that experience has left me mentally scarred and only time will tell if I feel up to another Salvia trial.

Just my half pence worth.

Get an independant view from
Your right LozGee,

I was given it the first time by some one who was using it purely to see 'how off their head' they could get, which is NOT the best way to treat Salvia.

The Link that LozGee put up is probably the best I've found on the net so far... I have a link from my site to Erowid's for Salvia too.

Hope your ok LozGee, I was very shaken for a while after some of the things I saw.... I still haven't had the courage to go as far as I did that first time...

Choo xxx
Yeah, I'm fine - it was a change for the better - much. Made me realise that there was more to my life than just me and that my living or dieing would effect those that cared about me. And yes, boy did I experience the gravity thing then and many times subsequently.

Because it taught me this, I have much respect but also know that it is a serious drug, not to be taken flippantly.

It made such an impression that I made a sketch of what I saw and wrote a document that now I can't find :mad:

I think it will soon be time to try it again.

Chooie, thanks for the welcome to Manch and yes we'll have to have a brew. Best of luck with your move - it's moving, not the distance that's the strenuous bit :smokingr:

Still not sure when I'll be there, now looking around 22nd. I was going to Glades, but just can't handle it after the Full Moon thing. Funny, cos before I left for Germany, I had a thought that this may be the peak of my partying, and it seems that for now, it was.

Biguz n smiles n ting

Aye, it is serious... because its such a believabe trip it really has an effect on you...

Thank you LozGee :Smile3: ... I'm looking foward to it now, I've found my house now so i've stopped panicking and the nervousness has subsided, for the time being! Just starting to get the flutters of exitement to take their place.... ooohh!

Take care, see you soon no doubt...

Love & hugs
Choo x(",)x
well i tried it and liked it. good stuff, but i'd say strictly 16+, sober adult supervision required. not for partying, in other words. i prefer shrooms for dancing off the weekend. And no noise :Wink3:
aaah i've had some good times on salvia.
I wouldn't say it's a party drug though, it's more to be done in a quiet peaceful enviroment. Still £20 for 15x is pretty good prices.
I did 10x and had an amazing trip.
I hear they do 40x now. that stuff will blow you away.
Anyway i was wondering, do you grow your own salvia or do you buy extracts in bulk and resell them.
I have an SD plant and i was wondering what size it should be before i start harvesting it
Hiya Zeocrash

At the moment I import it in bulk and then resell it. Seems easier as I don't think i'll ever sell enough to warrant growing it myself - not until I can make a living from Biotanicals..... *dream*

I've been doing a little more of it on and off and the more i'm becoming acoustomed to it the more enjoyable I find it... still will never be a party drug thoug - not like other haloucenogenics.... its way to full on!!

Good luck with your plants :smoke:

Choo x
hmm, my experiences last between 15 and 25 mins, but i've seen my mate suffer a bad salvia trip that lasted alot longer.

Choodles, if you ever want an sd plant, for personal consumption ow whatever, just give me a pm and i'll send you a cutting (salvia plants dont make seeds).
please please please

There should be those kinds of extracts for all smokeable* entheogens.

Phalaris grass, yopo gum, youknowwhatimtalkingabout.

Salvia is so funny. You can feel it undoing all kinds of un-needed knots put in your thruout your many incarnations on Planet Earth, and it's funny because of the cartoony way the tethering notices your escape, and then they actually try to behave in an even more cartoony-villian like manner, but don't seem to realise that they are so-doing ; they think it's normal!

*and why not have eatable extracts too - gum drops, new and improved, contains b. hawaian woodrose, etc

one i always thought would be cool - a yin-yang pill, one side is ayahuasca or a harmine extract, the other side is a nndmt alk extract - call it Jungle Bomb
:wow: :goodthre:
Don't know how I missed this thread, very interesting!
Another link I think is very important to read is

wish I had read it before having my first experience with Salvia!
I wrote an accout of what I experienced if anyone is interested

Definitely not a party drug, it will blow your ideas of reality right out of the water. Glad I experienced it, but it will be a long time of thinking before I do it again.

Am very interested in growing a plant, Zeocash, if you still have your plant I would love a cutting!!

:runaway: :runaway: :runaway:
At the moment my plan has only 1 side shoot, i would like to let it grow another 1 before i start taking cuttings, but as soon as that grows, then you're welcome to have a cutting.
i'm going off salvia a bit, i had some the other week and i just didn'ty feel in my trip, i mean i could see crazy shit coing on in my mind, but it didn't seem like it was actually there, more like i was just observing it from an outsider's point of view.
try to behave in an even more cartoony-villian like manner,
this happens to me alot, tis always a laugh
I have just had the one experience and really cannot say when or if I will do it again, but it has definitely left me with a complete respect of what Salvia Divinorum is about. I am really keen to grow some myself, let me know if yout plant has a growing spurt!!

all the best!

Ooooh I hated it! I'd check all the links in this thread before you try it - IMHO it's not a 'recreational' drug. I found it quite physically unpleasant
Yes, I agree whole-heartedly, it's not a 'recreational' drug at all. I found the experience at the same time frightening as I did amazing and awesome!! Still getting my head around it all!