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OK we've done Synths, we've done FX... now what are everybodys favorite sample CDs? I've noticed that 9/10 of these are utter crap so some pointers would probably be handy for everyone... Are there any real gems out there that I've never discovered? Are Stylus and Atmosphere any good? Has anyone listened to the ZeroG Altered States set of CDs?

I mainly use them for drum sounds.. I try to make my own fx most of the time but sometimes being able to quickly drop in a sweep or bongo loop from a sample CD really speeds things up and stops you from getting bogged down in nitty gritty!

Anyway, I'll start... :

NI synthetic Drums: thousands of really inventive drum sounds :Smile3: Looking forward to getting my hands on volume 2 :Smile3:

Dance Megadrums 2: Again, loads of sweet drum sounds

BT Nu-skool breakz (new school breaks?)

Distorted Reality: mmm, everyone seems to bang on about this loads - and have noticed samples from it in millions of tunes, personally I only found a handful of really great samples. Still a good compilation though.


dipthong mong
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warning: dull and barely relevant rambling ahead

i was going to say i'd never bought any. i don't use premade loops at all. one-shot drum samples are fairly plentiful but it's that long process of sifting through piles of crappy 909esque nothingness before finding that really cool crisp nicely-recorded vintage snare or whatever... but it's like shopping in Oxfam, some days there's nothing, occasionally you find something that justifies the frantic rustling around :Smile3:

i was going to say that, then i remembered that in my local co-op (of all places!) i once found an 'ejay' sample bank (4CDs!!!) for £1.99. intrigued (WAV format! all sounds FREE!) i bought one of the 'DanceMegaMixDanceMusic' boxes, it was cheaper than a pack of drum and could hardly be more damaging to my health. or so i thought :Grin:

forty trillion crap .wav files for my enjoyment :Grin: some of them are interesting for mangling - that's true. but really the only great thing is the voice samples... the 'drumnbass' folder has these big, overly-articulating black male voices booming stuff like

'and a foghorn and a leghorn inna dance-hall styleeee'


'you're myyyyyy... punani'

i kid you not. it's priceless. i think i have like 4 different comedy tracks called 'foghornleghornfucker' or something.

thus endeth my short experience with samples CDs. at £1.99 for literally minutes of laughter i feel pretty happy about the whole thing :Smile3:


Throb Farmer
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Straight outta muthaf***ing Surbiton
Er...the only ones I have are a crap sound fx cd that came with a even crapper sampler back in the day. Good for footsteps, jungle noise, doors slamming and that. Used it loads now I think of it :Smile3:

I just resent the cost of them, particularly when a popular one comes out and you hear the samples all over the place.

When I'm after atmospheres and silly noises its loads more fun to make them myself. Specially when I feel blocked then I just make a load of samples at useful tempos. Always come in handy...
Don't use loops that much, but when I do I've got a gazillion refills with rex loops in every conceivable style.

Er.. sorry. Not really helping am I?