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"San TRANCEcisco", the debut release from Keyframe Entertainment, brilliantly attains a fusion of psytrance styles in a sonic tapestry. Funky kaleidoscopic harmonies dominate, making the album a syncopated mesmerizing trance journey. Its bouncy rhythms are uplifting and emit a positive energy. The album has a certain raw edgyness that gives it a unique and creative flare, which is undeniably catchy.

The album is a sampling of some of the best underground psytrance producers in San Francisco. The tracks by Random, Enigma Machine, Helios, Ekko, and Etienne are my favorites, but the other tracks are excellent in their own regards. I would give this albuma 9 out of 10 for consistency of good tracks.

Go to the San TRANCEcisco web site to purchase the album and get more info:
All tracks on this CD are available for licensing.
Please contact for booking or wholesale information.

The album airs exclusively on Zia-Trance everyday at 2 PM EST, and again for the rewind at 2 AM EST.
9/27 to 10/10
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Bob Trahpek

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Track listing:
"San Trancecisco" – Keyframe Entertainment

1. Random – "Design Possibilities"
2. Sea Creatures – " Bumper Boats"
3. Enigma Machine – "Alien Antics"
4. Dirty Hertz – "Suicide(edited)"
5. Sanyama – "After Party"
6. Helios – "Transient Node"
7. The Lomii – "Scarab"
8. Ekko – "The Wizard"
9. Vaporware – "Callisto"
10. Etienne – "We Come in Peace"