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Deepest Darkest Wiltshire
Something I feel strongely about is marine pollution, particularly sewage related stuff. Top notch environmental campaigners Surfers Against Sewage are a must!!

I've done some fund-raising for them over the years and been on one of their demos :ph34r: Got a wicked picture of a pile of surfboards outside the houses of parliament. Must look it out and scan it in :Grin:
I did the surfboard protest too!!!! :Grin:

The marine pollution down this end is disgusting at times...and as surfing is my Obsession i am totally with the SAS...go to a lot of their comps do's down here :Smile3:
Well even down here surfers occassionally paddle amongst floating turds!
yukk :crazy:

i don't surf, but i don't agree with our system of waste management - the 'hide it and it'll go away' philosophy..... :mad:

you're right Dan, it is a change in our collective conscious that will start real change :peace:

i'm with you all on this one, but out of all the fluffy looking people, in my experience surfers leave the most mess (sorry about the generalisation).

but i'm a surfer, i hate sewage, and that's all that matters
Get ya arses out here then.

We have the lowest surf to turd ratio in the industrialized world!

And at the end of this month a monthly psytrance club; the only one for 2500 miles in any direction.