Scozbor - Mountain Lord (Dada Stream)


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Artist: Scozbor

Album: Mountain Lord

Label: Dada Stream

Year: 2005

Format: CD

Country: Australia

Track listing :

01. Psygh
02. Levelheaded
03. Normal Drug Taking
04. Hard Pooning
05. Auto-bogan
06. Vanilla Hymn
07. Positronic
08. Avanc
09. Rainbow Daze

Kevin Babbage (half of Odd Harmonic) returns with his third release Mountain Lord. A little more accessible than his earlier work Devic Craft, this time around Kevin has managed to imprint a little more musicality in his work while retaining the fractured and demented aspects to his production. By exploring the quasi-Goa melodic fusions, the final product is positively refreshing. Admittedly the pads and synth work might sound slightly retro-Kraftwerk and primary, the man expresses his ideas with such clouded, psychedelic clarity it is disturbing.

In the simplest terms I can think off, it is a one-hour trip pressed on a CD-R labeled LSD-26. The progression and the sense of a journey have never been more apparent. First, second, maybe third song come around, you know there is a neo-Goa melodic intent... after that it is strange place to be it at. This is just a relentless rollercoaster ride, with ups and downs expertly located throughout the journey as to never really tire the ear. At its best, is music I don't really want to be listening to while sitting in front of a small screen, but rather dancing lost in what Gil calls the trance-dance experience. At its worse, is loony-house music in all its glory. Unexpectedly though, in some cacophonic way it it's always mutating from chaotic effects to original tunes, without really loosing the musical cohesion and purpose. On the ground work, we find one artist who is not playing the ‘I got deepest kick' game. His flare consists of exploring a diverse interaction of break-beats and syncopated pulses with varying degrees of success, without being droning or uninventive. I can almost picture him sitting in the small studio laughing “Ha-ha try beat match that!†and unless you are planning on spinning Procs next, you might want place both earphones on, cause it's going to get wild. As a matter of fact it is hard to believe certain songs can stray so much from its original movements, as to have me wondering if we are still on the same track.

All and all

I have not heard Odd Harmonic as of yet, but if the other guy is half as a talented as Babbage, the upcoming album might be something to keep in the backburner. Top marks for this one, If you are looking for something radically different, creative drum work, retro-melodies and unheard-off effects drift in this direction. I got number 52 out of 150. Get your number before it's too late.


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Yeah previous one was a bit too fucked up but I am dead curious about this one.
Nice review btw!