*screams in pain* ONE....GLADE...TICKET-FOR-SALE...boohoohoo


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okay people, its carifairy here, you know you can trust me, i have been around for a while now...

basically i'm in debt... and i have realised selling my glade ticket will help the situation more than going to glade and spending £50 more on drugs.

I really didnt want to ask for any more money than is face value :sad: but the more the better really, plus i will have far too many people pming me to have it for face value, how can i choose? By allowing one person the ticket, i am condemning many others from a chance...

so i have come up with an idea. If you are genuinely interested, pm me with the MAXIMUM amount you are willing to pay (ie £5, £70, £100... etc) and the reason why you think you should have the ticket...

bit like one of those silly competitions you never win really, but since there will only be like, 20 people entering then you have a one in 20 chance :jump:

the reason i am asking for your MAXIMUM amount is that if you are willing to pay alot, i shouldnt take more off you than i need to pay this bloomin debt really, so im thinking i will sell it for between £70 and £120, doubt it will be £120 though.....

the faster i sell it the better people! Please, if you are interested, PM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love and fluff and candy floss and bondage,
Cariad x x
dunno why everyone has to sell it for more than face value though. :huh:

bit mean. :Sad: