SE Asia quake - emergency number for brits

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originally from partyvibe, sorry for this heavy post but I know a lot of you like going to Asia or have friends there (or indeed may be natives!) so it might come in handy -

As you may have seen on the news a large area has been devastated by earthquakes and typhoons, there is extensive damage and it is affecting both natives and tourists alike

some of you may be worried about friends/relatives in that area

admins - feel free to put a sticky on this post or move it into the main board..

for those in the UK the Foreign and Commonwealth office has published this emergency number

020 7008 0000 from the UK
+44 20 7008 0000 from any other country

thankfully my relatives there are OK...


Thankyou for posting. Hopefully no one needs to use that but its gd its available. I was in Phuket exactly this time last year and going again was an option...luckily we didnt have the money. My thoughts are with the people there even tho i cant imagine what their going through.
Saw this this morning on TV....its so sad and upsetting. The worst picture was of an old man being carried by friends coz he was too ill to wade through the water :Sad: Incredibly sad and my heart goes out to everyone out there and their families.