Searching for a LHD Camper/Convert Van - advice?

JoshuaTHX1138 Apr 22, 2016

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    Hey everyone!

    So my girlfriend and I are currently planning a potential move to Italy, and rather than taking a car with minimal stuff, it seems to make sense to get a van, take the bulk of our stuff out there, and use the van for festivals/parties/travel etc.

    I'm just wondering if anyone here has done something like this before, and has any general tips? I'd have thought the best option was to get a van, then convert it once in Italy, but it seems it costs a lot there to have it done, and it's only legal if it's been done up by a "certified" trader

    Also maybe good places to look out suitable vehicles? A nice European style rave bus is a rare find on Gumtree.

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