secret mongoose - indian morning psy

heh - some nice emoticons they got on this forum.

thank you dinki

anyone else have a listen yet ?
thanks for the compliments. more to come soon i hope.

quality is lacking i know - might have mastered samples up very soon.
Listened to Manali Dream. You have some really good noises in there that made my ears prick up and the same went for Lysergic Paradox. My only negative points are matters of personal taste really. Lysergic drags for a little bit in the first half of the tune and I’m not a fan of the bass sound in Manali Dream it sounded a little speaker fart inducing but as I say this is just down to taste oh plus the Muther Fucker samp turned me off a little. Other than that the production is wicked and I was having a little jive to your work. :bananada: :bananada:
thanks for the compliments psy-fi
"Lysergic paradox" does drag on a little in the beginning - but it was the first track we made in this project, more as a test to see if our styles would match. Did'nt want to change it around after it was made.

Manali Dream - bass sounded fantastic on the hi-fi speakers we used. Need to do lots of EQ work on that though to make it sit properly, its all over the place at the moment (and speaker fart is about right :Smile3:

thanks for taking the time

The song (manali dream) seems to make strange jumps every now and then? Why not give us the whole tune and only snippets like this?