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Dorchester, MA
i play in a band known as Nikulydin. we play live improvised EDM in various new england clubs/venues but still shamefully do not yet have a viable LP. we need a producer to work with the individually multitracked material from our recording sessions to create killer dance tracks!

ultimately the cd will be done up professionally & aimed toward magazines, festivals, labels, broadcast media, venues, etc etc...

please send me a PM, reply to this post, or hit me at if you have the knowledge, time and interest to work with us - i can send you rough mixes to give you an idea of what you'd be working with & we can discuss all necessary arrangements. there would be compensation involved.

neil / dubaholikc
is being in england a problem?
Happy to remix tracks just for the fun of it. Mainly produce progressive percussive techno and liquidy drum and bass. Im easy tho and happy just to get inspired and collaborate.
most definitely NOT a problem! as long as the vibe is right- and from the sound of it (liquidy d'n'b / progressive techno) yours is perfect, send me a PM or an email & we can discuss this further!