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Hello everyone..
My name is Dj Tool. (shatul)...just got into london from Bomaby.. india... just wanted to say hello and that i am free to play for you guys....would love to makeu guys listen to what is rocking india at the moment... i only play serious psy music on the lines of Kindzdza , Fungus Funk , Parasense , Derango , Dronebixie . Cosmo , Grapes Of Wrath.. etc...
for more information about my label and me .. please check out
we just came out with out first cd called Deliver Us From Evil.... and the second cd is comming out in Dec...
hope to play this for u guys sometime.. i am gonna be in london for 2 months.. till the 15th of dec..
catch you guys soon i hope...
boom and P.L.U.R

Dj Tool
:runaway: Nice Shatul, welcome to london acid city. looking forward to hear some wickedness from Bombay. welcome to the forum.

:dito: :welcome:

also 2 say that ur 1st cd. :clubjump: nice goin :speaker: v cool
Hi Shatul contact me :Wink3: Bom to the homeland and Namaste :Smile3:
hey .... :drinking:
im from bombay ... do let me know if yr playing anywhere ...
Hi & :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: to the forum :hehe:
Hi Shatul:Smile3:
Parul Sondh is there visiting Londinium too....
Me- SF for now... congrats on the Serephana Release.
I always wonder if N3XT will resurface with new tracks someday...
blow their synapses apart!
I loved deliver us from evil, got some exellent tracks. Really dark and dancable, cant wait for the next one. Hopefully see you playing out some time :Smile3:
hey welcomeee!! Realy looking forward to hear u playing,exactly the style im waiting to hear in London.
Delivery us from evil is a killer,especially digital talk vs para halu, azax syndrom , kindzadza

Enjoy your time here :tongue1: :punk: