Sesto Sento - Remixer (Compact)


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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?

Sesto Sento
Compact (Israel)

I will admit to having quite a lot of time for Sesto. Chiefly because their tunes are varied, and because they have funny bits in them. I like funny bits. I like big runs. I like dancing for a short time, then standing around chatting to a bird before starting again when I’ve run out of interesting things to say. Follow Me kicks off, a nice intro that sounds like the system’s stuttering and fading and going bonkers (which is always fun) and runs headlong into a series of progressively meatier runs and breakdowns. GMS churn out an effective but predictable remix of Cookie Stealer: I loved the original one but here the slink and subtlety has been lost, with all the amps turned up to 11 as the growlies look at each other smiling and shake their fists in the air at 145 bpm, with sunglasses on. Dive To Drive was never one of their strongest tunes but Visual Contact pulls a good remix rabbit out of the tophat of trance (sorry). Aquatica takes the already-overblown Primi TB and makes it slightly more overblown but no less CD-skippable; so it’s on to CPU’s remix of Omiakon. And I’m not convinced this works, the two styles are so different that it’s a bit like two people trying to DJ back to back with completely different tastes in music, one pulling it melodic and the other pushing it thunky just to piss his mate off. Protoculture does better with Run On Green, where you see two styles really playing well off each other. It breaks, it disappears, it comes back – its sesto, no its nate, no it’s sesto, no its definitely nate – from here to eternity. Pop Stream’s remix of Teddy Enters Wonderland is a cracker, nothing short of brilliant and more proof that this lad’s sliding into Nate’s shoes and making Protoculture sound more than a little tired this year. Apocalypse’s remix of Goadzilla is for me one of the strongest here. It’s got plenty of funk to it, plenty of comedy going on, it’s restrained (are you listening Nate, CPU) and the sounds are just awesome. Hats off for the whole shebang must go to Silicon Sound for their inspired Getting Fused, just so good words sort of fuck it up. Let’s say that the melodies are tighter than a legion of Scandinavian virgins fighting over a banana, and the production is so tight and otherworldly that I reckon there’s one bit where even SS himself went a bit wobbly. Yummy. So at the end of the day what are we left with, well there’s three blinding tracks three average tracks and three fairly boring tracks whoop diddly doo I don’t believe it, another average album, bumped up to a 7 thanks to silicon sound. And the bloke on the cover looks like Raja Ram’s gay cousin.



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Phat CD!!

Sesto's Remix is utter bonkers material!

and totally agree with the Review Damo... Sesto have always had the comedy appeal, and that feeling you don't exactly what is going to happen around the corner, in the next bit of the track, which is great, and pretty rare in full on psytrance.

Visual Contact, and Aquatica seemed like they only got on the Compilation because they are Compact artists, and just seemed to use the same structure as sesto, but add there own weaker parts

Protoculture, Pop Stream and Silicon Sound all weigh in with big trax and Apocalypse is quite good.

The Protoculture gets especially dirty for Nate which I enjoyed alot!! Makes me wanna dance when he drops that sample!!

So Damion you finally see light at the end of the Pop Stream tunnel! Now he has lost the silly melodies and spanish guitar?? :Wink3:

Now Sesto what about a real album, I'm still playin tracks off the last one (Sneaky Sneaky hmmmm)