Sexually charged chillout / electro sequencer cainage.


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This is something I was working on just before I went travelling.

A mashup of electro/chilled tunes, glitched. fucked and mixed up in my sequencer... with vocals about... you guessed it.. fucking.

Just Fucking Fuck <--- Clicky Clicky.



Tom Neville - "Just Fuck" (Wonky Top Glitchapella) [Featured throughout the mix]
Dmx Crew - "You cant hide your love" (DJ AFX Remix)
Aphex Twin - "Polynominal C"
Aphex Twin - "Phlange Phace" (Wonky Top Flange Fhase Remix)
Britney Spears - "Toxic" (Wonky Top Ketamine Bitch Glitch Techno Edit)

Hope you can enjoy something an ickle bit different :Grin:

And tell me what you think. !


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Nicely done dude! Liking the housey intro and I love that DnB track!

Some of the electro's a bit much for me but good toxic remix! All nicely mixed together!

U added any of ya own effects to this atall?



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yep, erm, loads!

electro's growing on me fast, house too... sometimes its nice not to be fucking spazzing right out.!

heheh, i think britney liked being acid techno'd, no?

listeing to yer mix right now, groovy and peaceful -_-


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Thought so, but as I dont often here this kinda chain smashing clunking sound, I wasnt sure :rolleyes: :lol:
Good bit of twistedness is always welcomed!
p.s Think ya right about Britney aswell :Wink3:


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f*ing off da hook mate!!