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I love psy-trance and really enjoy djing it, but don't think I can afford to carry on :huh: !! My student budget don't stretch that far

It is really starting to bug me now, that when I by a CD, I have had a little listen from the clippets on the site, and it sounds pretty phat. Then I get the CD home and 9 times out of ten there are only 1 - 2 tracks on the CD I really like!!! because I will only play out stuff I really like, and with psy I either love it or hate theres not a lot in between, maybe thats just me being picky/very selective.

I kind of wish it was more vinyl based then i'd being buying a singular track which I knew was good. It may just be the scene at the moment with a lot of crap being release as some have said, or maybe i'm just not looking hard enough I don't know. its just starting to frustrate me a bit.

I'm starting to think progressive is the way of the future, the comps seem to be much more consistant, Iboga for example!!

Anyone else feeling the same?


mmm, there are some great prog sounds around at the moment you're right. give me those over another (f'kin') full-on comp that sounds the same as the last one any day.

but having said that there is some great full-on around, it's just hidden under mountains of poo (you know who you are). shame you have to buy the whole cd for 1/2 tracks but i have a feeling things will change. paid-per-track-download anyone?


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same here. although on many occasions I find I cane one or two tracks from an album, but when I at a later stage go back to the whole album I see other tracks in a different light and start to like them. which is nice.

also with you on the proggy, some really nice stuff out there...Urban Legends on Tribal Vision favourite at the moment. :Smile3: works better too when you're not playing to non psy heads :P


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I always thought all CDs were like that. Think any artist album you ever buy, theres always 2 or 3 track which are excellent, and then the rest are just fillers. But as already mentioned the fillers start to sound OK once you get bored of the ones you originally liked.
It was quite interesting, becuase there was a bit of furore when pay for downloads began, because a lot of bands were worried that the public would download their singles, or anthem/stand out tracks, but not go for other less obvious material.
I guess the bands and artists will have to up their quality!


Yer I know what you mean about finding tracks that previously you didn't listen too, its just becoming apparent to me that I am gonna soon have a cd wallet full to the brim very soon, but with 20 - 25 tracks that I love and would whole heartidly want to play out.

Pay to download would definatley suit me, but then I can't see it working, too many internet computer geeks who would get round the system.

What would be good is a ordeer system where say, chaos/ psy-shop have the master cd's and they rip you a copy of the cd to order with the tracks you want for a certain price for each track. That way you'd be getting quality tunes in proper cd quality and it would make ripping the system off a harder job.