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is it me or has seb taylor lost it wasnt impressed with this album and was looking so forward to hearing it :no:

maybe i need to hear it more but hmmmmmmmmmmm
Haven't heard it yet... But it's more a collection of already relesed stuff, rather than a new album isn't it? Wasn't that impressed with the last shakta 12" I got.... not pushing it. But he always was a fav artist years ago.
yes i agree i loved his goa stuff in the 90's and his side project somaton some class tunes this is why i feel let down. yes it is a comp of some stuff that has been released b4 also some new ones and some new rmxs
hmmm. perhaps mr taylor has spread himself a little thin of late? what, with so many recent releases including - kaya project, and angel tears. i hear he's been busy doing a load of other stuff too, incuding some stuff with jaz coleman (killing joke). i look forward to hearing this :Wink3:
i think ill reserve any judgement til ive listened to the album more than once (which i haven't)
still, from what i have heard, it still has that great unique shakta sound to it, a refreshing cool breeze, in this deluge of mincing/israeli stylee toss that is upon us :wacko:
used to LOVE Shakta.. was it Silicon something or other? ( dont shout at me if I'm wrong - I'm a gurl!) Last track.. thumping!

Need to check out the new stuff as I've had my head up my arse for the last few years...

will have to ask 'him' to buy it for me.. :lol1: good to hear the old stuff is back..
'silicon trip' i believe :Wink3:

Yeah, that album was an all time Goa classic (IMO) especially Spiritual Beings (love that tune).

I suppose once youv'e produced something like that, it's pretty hard to follow.
yeah silicon trip was class album also the enlightend ape wasnt bad also but my fav work of his was on Somaton - Future memorys <--------- now thats the seb taylor i used to know hehehe
Ive not heard feed the flame...but...

SILICON TRIP....I love it sooo much, man what an album. Totally one of the best goa albums of the late 90's (IMHO)....

Spiritual beings is great, lepton head, ion tribe aaaah man i just love that sound, listened to lepton head pt II the otherday for reminising purposes.. then transwave land of was :P bliss :P
i love this album, really slick stuff. tracks 1 an 2 are amazing tracks mind you the production in all of them is class. i'm new to Shakra and i gather this isn't his 'usual' sound but obviously we have an artist who is able to evolve his sound...that spells class for me already :sonne:
:no: I bought this album and thought - why didn't I spend my money on something good? Feed The Flame is a pretty good track - but only because the other tracks are so cr%p that it sounds good. Avoid this album like the plague
You got me worried... :blink:
Shakta & class were synonyms! (up to now at least!)
Dissagree with y'all, I bought this and do like it, also like his older stuff aswell, nothing wrong with a new sound! :peace:

Moodle x
this album is low down an dirty, i like it a lot. feed the flame is a great track an so are all the others :speaker:

take the cotton wool out of your ears, this is pumpin

crank it up :punk:
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>I THINK IT'S FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</span></span>

And especially the CD02 collaborations and sidelines. There's even some psy drum & bass & psy breakbeat sound (last couple of tracks). Track 5 :o

I've listened to it many many times and still find something new each time. You've got to LISTEN to Shakta, sit in between the speakers, close your eyes & you're off!

"Out of Sight" is the only other album of his I've got and I love that too.
CrunchyMole i knew you were a lady of good taste the moment i met u long long ago :Grin: :lol: B)
Being a good friend of sebs, he has evolved with his music, although i spoke to him the other day and he said " i have a big 144 bpm track for you chris" that he made in Israel. So don't be to quick to judge this guy is one of the best producers Psy-trance as ever had :speaker: