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:sun: hello people, i have just been directed here from the butterfly net. what a kind man he was. and what a lovely welcoming place he has sent me to.

listen: all lovers of banging trance - you must hear this guys music AMAZING, ASTOUNDING, UNIQUE, MAD, BANGING, MIND-BLOWING ETC....

If you like your music to stomp please get hold of OUT OF SIGHT. You wont have heard anything quite like it and I promise you, you wont be dissapointed. These are the ultimate drilling tunes. Its on dragonfly records.

:bananada: RAVE ON :bananada:

P.S. if anybody knows of any good nights/parties in manchester/ southampton please let me know. cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes you're right mate,he is and he is :speaker:
wow, when all your mates listen to three piece guitar bands or have grown up and are into the police one feels a bit lonely cranking up the darkness of out of sight. It is pleasure to meet some fellow afficionados - i feel right at home. :Grin:

i have actually only heard two of his albums. out of sight and the enlightened ape. both are amazing- i reckon i currently just prefer the enlightened ape. but its close. whats the new album like. what else would anyone recommend me that comes close.

cabbage sounds wicked. is it free party or more formal than that. if so where will it be and is anybody going from manchester.

RAVE ON :wizard1:
The new one (I've only got the first CD since Seb lobbed me a preview of it ages ago) is more in the 'out of sight' style.

We're not a free party, £8 entry, but we don't make much on the night ourselves. I usually get to buy my CDs for the next gig. It's mostly ploughed into the gig itself.

We're be hard pressed to get most of the acts we have up here for free.

It's at Leeds West Indian Centre, all the details are on the web-site below.

There are always a fair few Manchunians who turn up...

BTW - if Cosmosis floats your boat, then this month might be of interest too.
Seb's live set (for us at least) is usually more tilted towards the old style.

I actually like all of his output.

His DJ sets for us (which he'll be doing as well as the Live PA) are *very* full on.
I agree, I've seen him play on several occasions and I've always enjoyed it. His set in Samothraki a couple of years ago was particularly memorable. He makes , and plays, great music, No argument there. :punk:
Yeah, I've had the pleasure of seeing Seb at Cabbage on a couple of occasions, he always does the business. I do prefer the older Shakta stuff, but his musical arrangement on the newer offerings are fantastic...just a hell of a lot more minimal and slower. The Digitalis album for me was one of the great 'different' types of psy sound, that actually works!
I haven't actually grabbed the Kaya Project CD yet. Maybe I should tap him up for a freebie.

Promoter's perks 'n' all that.

the earlier shakta stuff that is a bit harder than out of sight. an intriguing concept i must say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and one i must check out.

also the kaya project sounds really interesting - it is hard to think of him making chilled out music but i guess everybody needs a bit of variety in their work. i do like my music to bang though.

TWEAKA: you are a very kind man (hope you are not a woman). helping me out with party info here and on the butterfly net. CHEERS MATE , much appreciated.

I fell in love with this scene when a friend took me to a chimera forest party in London. Took some f***ing strong acid and pills and raved the night away. it was a mind-blowing experience (what i can remember anyway). Its amazing to watch the sun come up surrounded by amazing music and people.

Cabbage had best be up to that!

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i also hear that a new angel tears album is on the way ... since Seb is one half of this amazing band i thought this might be a good place to ask if anyone has any info on the album...

as for Shakta i prefer the older stuff .... Spiriutal beings is an absolute master peice ....
I'll try and remember to ask him next month.

He's been touring the world for a year, working with various producers, so there should be a batch of collaborations filtering through soon.
Where can I find Angel Tears album btw?

Yeap older stuff as well!! :punk:
Out of sight was really good but the last one (Feed the Flame) imo could have been done better!

Kaya is :wizard1:

We are spiritual beings... :party2:
I think the last album was Seb coming to grips with VST (or whatever equivalent he now uses) instead of hardware.

He told me it was entirely done in software.

I'm guessing that the next batch of releases will be a big improvement.