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Not much to say really, nice morning music, most tracks spoilt (IMO) by insistence to incorporate a key change somewhere along the line BUT.....

track 4 - Calling Long Distance

Wot a tune, doesn't really do anything BUT as the longest tune on the album it has a groove and vibe that really does it on the dance floor, I'd love to be able to find enough tunes of this vibe to play 2hrs or more for those people who really get lost in tunes. It's awsome....... What trance should be all about...... I love this, many will hate it..... hear it in a forest at some point this summer and fall in love..... point proven!! :Smile3:

I want more more tracks like this and i'm sure Mr Anteater will appreciate it too.....

:sun: :sun:
yeah - I likes it too .....

especially track 4 !!! Another couple of good uns on there too. Not instantly appealing, but still good - pure trance .....

..... :lmao:
Frankly me thinks No5 is better but oh well nevermind...
Album overall is a progsman heaven! :sun:
Go get it!
Yeeeeeeeeee, most definatly a lurvley album, really trancey and really fooking good :P

Listen to it and love it