Top 10 Shawnodese [Inpsyde Media] - Top Ten Jan 2004


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Venlo - Holland
Here's another one...a bit late, but better late than not me mom always said.... ;P

01 - Psypilot - Gaia (Turbo Trance - unrel.)
02 - Eskimo - Party Pooper (E.M.I. - unrel.)
03 - D-tek & Dr. Panic - Psychedelic Cowboy (Melovskys rmx) (T.I.P. World unrel.)
04 - Horizon - "First Flight" (Enzyme - unrel.)
05 - Chromatone-r - Get Professional Help (Inpsyde Media - unrel.)
06 - Sesto Sento - Smart Move (Com.pact)
07 - Cyrus the Virus - Hulk (Sp-unrel.)
08 - Frequency Surfer vs. Dj XP - White Wizard (Neurobiotic)
09 - Analog Xperience - Organic Panick (unrel.)
10 - Vibra - Safira (unrel.)

Bonus track: Catla - Minimal Disaster (Inpsyde Media - unrel.)

Feel free to comment nutters....and for the moderators...I'll post the reviews on the tracks in the next days....still writing 'em...been lazy with my homework !!!!

Ok...did my u go !!!

01 - Topnotch production of this fresh talent on Turbo Trance. Powerfull basslines, subtle touching melodies.....a brilliant kick-off of his new album and my favourite pick-of-the-month !!!
02 - Slamming madness when this one hits the floor....almost feel like getting back into pogo-ing and mosh-pits...aargh !!! And the sample....those looks on people's faces when it hits 'em...I simply love it....
03 - A clever and damn original rmx of the massive hit a few years ago, a 3/4 bassline thundering it ffwd....less intense as the original but quite effective late in the morning.
04 - Beautifull piece of work, warm, throbbing ur ass ffwd on a cosmic flight indeed....and I wanna know where they get their basslines I can send an insurance claim for all things falling to bits when I play it full power !!!
05 - Watch out for this corker....smacking hammering bassline with iron-kick slamming u to bits....but....with the finesse of a mindblowing melody accompanying it.....these guys are gonna be looked out for real soon !!!!
06 - This tune simply made the dancefloor gasp for air when I played it last's like time is standing still when that paino-part starts...everytime again.....pure bliss touching the soul.....
07 - Cyrus keeps up with the Spun/GMS tradition to abuse any new movie coming out...and this one sure deserves it's name.....hammering from beginning to end, typical classic Spun style...and I love it !!!
08 - Sebi makes sure his releases stay in Italy...haha.....nice one Edo...a killer comp. with this one as the most outsanding track for me. A turbo-high-energy melodic cosmic braidwork from one of my fav. artists.
09 - Here a new surprise from Portugal. Massive thundering, but still groovy basslines, manic synths and all of it progressing more and more every day. This guy is making perfect night music...stay tuned !
10 - And again he's in my tops, with another groovy slick psytrance tune. I miss his old madness quite a bit, but it made place for very intelligent crossover trance....with a bit of everything. The man keeps surprising me...

Bonustrack: Dark, daark, daaaaark smacking technoish hammertune-de-luxe. No mercy is the policy of this one I'd say, industrial psy to the bone.....trying to demolish every braincell left in ur skull.....this is nightmusic !!!!!

Ok folks....that's all......
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For the rest stay tuned for the "Twilight Twisters" comp. on Inpsyde Media soon by your's truly, featering artists such as: Vibe Tribe vs. Toxic Toy, Triskell, Psypilot, Mexican Trance Maffia, Frequency Surfer, Chromatone-r, D-Tek vs. Cyrus the Virus, Audialize, and Zen Mechanics....ur all warned out there now !!!!!

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Psypilot Gaia, is a top tune my fav on the album not a great tune to play out but a great tune to listen to at home. And it is released by the way now...
because I haven't got any "label mates" and I have got the CD...

The original Psychedelic Cowboy track was really funny... bit of humour in there looking forward to this remix...
Also looking forward to the Enzyme CD01 proper full power from UK : )

Good choice on Sesto Sento, I love that CD... and Neo Robotics Rocks as well...

Twilight Twisters sounds interesting looking forward to checking that...
Hey bro....actually I copied & pasted the top ten from Isratrance where I put it some time ago when the Psypilot wasn't out yet, so yes...ur right and I should have fixed it but guess I was to busy skinnin' up or somethin'....hope ya'll forgive me... :smokingrasta:

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No worries mate, just letting others know!

Good excuse anyway :smokingr: smoke comes first! :Wink3:
Hehe...just gave up on the smoke after non-stop daily for 19 years...I feel like having dynamite up my ass all day loooooooooooooooooooooong !!!! :lolsign:

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He Damion...long time I didn't hear of ya....all good out there? I see ur site is back into action but I never receive any mails no more... :no: how come ??? :unsure:
Hoi daar maat
Hoe gaat het huh?
Oi did I hear you've taken to placing 'ash up yer bumm-apparently it's nice-lol!
Ok listen on a busy note-I am interested in getting hold of some tunes-specifically a bunch of partykids (trancekoppe) want the insydemedia stuff-I wonder why-'cos it's dark, moving and psycho...
So how can we set up a distribution - and you know me I want promos again et al. so lemme know - I'll Pm you otherwise ok.
Serious lemme know prices etc and will set up a company to distribute (also Matts stuff).
Bom Bole
Bom Shiva


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