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Venlo - Holland
Here's what makes me bounce & flip late @ night again this month, Feel free to comment ya pimp-zilla's out there !!!

01 - Digital Bandits - The Prouwler (Sp-unrel.)
02 - Nilix - Psyritual (Sp-unrel.)
03 - Shulman - Small Gray Creatures (Illumination rmx) (Hommega)
04 - D-Tek vs. Earthling - Earth Technologies (Maia - unrel.)
05 - Artax - Chemical Frequency (Psyforce - unrel.)
06 - Juvenile vs. Digital Bandits - Sergeant Blaster (Sp-unrel.)
07 - Audialize - Roop Suhana Lagta Hai rmx (Inpsyde Media - unrel)
08 - Triskell - Mountain Party (Inpsyde Media - unrel.)
09 - Noga - Extensive Survey (Tranceluscent - unrel.)
10 - Beat on Phobia - Lotus Path (unrel.)

Bonustracks: 01 - D-Tek - Micro Machines (Audio-X rmx) (Psyclon)

01 - Aiaiaiaia....this is music !!! Superb subtle melody-lines combine with a throbbing bassline like hardly ever heard before. Spun is gonna smack ur heads in with this one !!!!
02 - Amsterdam is back on the psy-map, this new talent is off levels like Infected Mushroom and Hallucinogen....a true artist and also part of Digital out for this guy in the future people.....he's gonna make u flip to the bone !!!
03 - Wowow...what an amazing tune, was allready in love with the ambient version, but this one....what a response on any dancefloor worldwide this brings out in of the best tunes of the year for me.
04 - David & Celli teaming up in a braincrushing mayhem garantueed for any dancefloor this is being played out for the cabron's new album to be unleashed sooooon !!!
05 - A real pumping beauty of my old label Psyforce....good to c ur back on the map Simon !!! And with releases like this....ur all gonna be drooling over the counter in the downtown shops u freaks....pure beauty in Logic Bomb style !
06 - Aiaiaia....Shanti visiting the Bandits in Amsterdam....and oh oh oh, one of the most beautifull melodies I heard in a long time. It's a pleasure to sit with the guys and seein' 'em work....blasting morning tune-de-luxe in pure Spun style.
07 - The original known to many of you out there, here's the rmx....soon to be released on a cd single with the original as out for these 2 morningcrackers. Joao put some of his India-travel vibes in this one.....a beauty !!!
08 - Fresh new talent from Paris, in Altom/Polaris style, although with his own personal touch. After he bashed Amsterdam to bits in an explosive party in A'dam, this man fully convinced the Inpsyde crew of his qualities.
09 - A beautifull pumping and very original tune. Homsy is definitely pushing the limits with his label Tranceluscent and with tracks like this.....we all better stay tuned and damn sharp. Noga is an act we're for sure gonna hear more about.
10 - Not as powerfull as the Maffia track on Skazi's last comp. but sure as hell a fine & sneaky tune. More melacholic touch to it which surprised and really got shows the man's got more tricks up his sleeve for're all warned now.

Bonustrack: A really surprising rmx of my buddy Peduti and friends from Brazil. After D-Tek finished his tune in their studios....they made quite a nice and more groovy version of this monster nighttune......good work amigos !!!!!

That's it...hope u enjoyed it....or me !!!! :Wink3: :P B)

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Interesting looking top 10. Is anyone going to book this guy any time soon in the UK, or are we going to go with the usual safe options????
Dude I know you like to be current but it's the month of December-got ya!
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Dude I know you like to be current but it's the month of December-got ya!
:Wink3: [/quote:91151f7b7e]
Hehe...u think u got me....but can I put tops of December on the 1st amigo? Isn't a top ten of a month the ten most loved and played tunes of that month? So that makes that I have no choice then or:

a: To become fully clearsighted so I know what I'll like in the future....
b: To post the top ten @ the end of the month....

Just thought I should explain since brains is a rarity it seems nowadays...hehe....gotcha !!! :P
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (full_lotus @ Dec 6 2003, 10:18 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> Is anyone going to book this guy any time soon in the UK, or are we going to go with the usual safe options ???? [/quote:962083251e]'s obvious in'nit ? People like to stay safe....but mis adventure (read: your golden opportunities in life !!!!) like that, but then again...ignorance is bliss I heard I'm sure it won't hurt 'em, that's at least one good thing about it !!!! :P :Wink3: :P
i dont have a personal computer so my replyings a raity on da psy forum, yet i feel that shawnodese is getting a certain, not bad vibe, but some kind of down tha nose er.......... im not pointing any fingers, yet am i complaining......... i fuckin love inpsyide media records, i i thought '24hrs night' was awesome......... i fuckin love psy trance, its me fav like!!!! but i feel a certain something and i dont wanna put me finger onit cos of a risk of alienation......but psytrance is my guiding light, so maybe its da way of things....idontknow.....but shit isnt as spirititual as it appears, maybe it goes far deeper than that. :Wink3: .....i hav put up wiv da dnbass 'ting', and been pushd away, i hope a bigger recognotion in psy doesnt leadto a simialr arrogance..............IMHO
Just don't worry to much Jim....hehe.....things are fine here and I'm sure people are less "bad vibed" as you might think they are..... :Wink3:

Cool Shawno Happy Nu year - good one methinks.
Clear explanation ta - still wood be good if we could read the future like weather forecasting hehe.
See ya when ya looking at me!