Top 10 Shouldn't have left you..


Time to prime..
.without a dope beat to step to.

O.k, It's been a while..

For an upward skyward-summer freefall... Get;

1> As Achild.. - X-Noise remix - Damn straight remix (re)rockin dancefloors of daze gone by. Well delivered from what looks like X-dream and Organic Noise, but don't be fooled-they're just a new buch of Israsameys. I'm a sucker for these big cahooners.

2> Cellophane - VIOLET VISION (SUB6 & DOMESTIC REMIX) Tense & Explosive with some worthwhile racus breaks to fill the field. Fkin good composition. :rocker: Just immense..

3> Intercorporal stimulator - (THE DELTA 2005 RMX) X-Dream - Storming recontruction of this fractured melodic oddity. A little tentative in terms of cerebal exploration, but kicking all the same..

4> Spotless Mind - Wrecked/Panick - A moody and versatile track. Big rig preferred. Bland otherwise. Not too keen on the album really, all a bit averagely good. 6/10

5> Clear Vision - Psycraft - A seriously searing track. Best after Dream on.. I can't wait to hear this at the Glade. Realy eye-opener?! :o A seriously 'planet earth' valley of whirling scenery and life.

6> Welcome to Reality - Orion - Similar to Clear vision in a way, very scaped, very smooth and driving. Pretty damn psychedelic too..

7> In the Club - Alternate Control - a solid a reliable tune that resounds logic bomb. Not Alternate Vision but has a similar name. What a tit. Don't know who they/he/she is

8> Round and Round - GMS - surprisingly gurnable tune with some sterdy strides to set it apart from the crowd. Tunes like this will draw people into the scene, joyous, wierd and writhing..

9> Acoustic - Domestic (Zaven 7 rmx) THE most underground tune since my last one. :rolleyes: Haunting acid lines, shapely stings and excessive subliminal voices leave the floor, well empty, coz they ran to the woods..

10> Stretch Tastic - Hallucinogen & Tristan - Wacky vox sampling leaves traces in your peripheral vision. Crossing dance boundaries and excelling in humour, real fun times with this number.

Boner Track:

11> Electrik Pulse - Orion - New Track comming on Harmonia, a little more seething and uplifting than usual, but psychoactive all the same. Something stange in this track.. :Wink3:


Fried for too long
mmm very kicking selection!

As Achild.. - X-Noise remix

2> Cellophane - VIOLET VISION (SUB6

Spotless Mind - Wrecked/Panick

pretty serious tunes!

would love to hear 'Acoustic - Domestic (Zaven 7 rmx)' Domestic is bang on it at the mo! did you get the parts for a rmx?! ;-)

ave it!!!


Time to prime..
No, I downloaded samples and wrecked the .WAV like a machine. at home.