Top 10 Shuma (P.O.R.N. Rec/Tribal Vision) Aug Pot 10


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A bit of a club-ish top hits
that'll make you shake your ass & tits

1. Trentenmoeller - Polar Shift [Poker Flat]
2. Klein and Zenker - Humidity [Mutekki]
3. D-Nox - Seven Hours [Electribe]
4. Martin H - Another Download album [Invent]
5. Manuel Duego - Flamenco [Star Jelly unr]
6. Pion - Square garden [unr]
7. Emok & Jokke - More (T. Penton's power remix) [Nanobeat]
8. Absolut and Blade - Downward (Penton mix) [Kumquat]
9. Dima - Segments [Joystick unr]
10. Parrket - Science in my mind [Tribal Vision]

mad ron

nice one boss. Trentermoller is very good. Also like the d-nox. What is the Martinez mix like? I love his stuff normally.

Henry (kamaflage records)


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thanx for replies :Smile3:

Actually, Martinez remix to D-Nox tune is pure science fiction music :Smile3: REally so original, like someone came from the future and made it :Smile3:
And its really hard to do a remix to a track thats already perfect as it is :Smile3:
If you like Martinez, you'll like the remix, I'm quite sure :Wink3:

wow wow - thanks for the recomendation :Smile3:
So, looks like Thomas did a remix to a track named "More", as well as a track named "No more" :Smile3: