Si Splatt


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Just adding something for Si.

Si is Cabbage resident chill-out DJ and generally helps run our second room. He was also involved with Gecko whilst it was running.

He's a great DJ (chill & trance) and I think he deserves more exposure and recognition, so if anyone wants demos etc, drop me a line and I'll put you in touch.


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oh n chris.....does he have any chillout sets going for sale? or trade...mine for love for the music :Smile3:


yeah si's great i highly recommend anyone who might be interested BOOK THIS DJ!!! heeeeeessssss AMASIIIINGGGGGGGGG!!!!

he deserves a lot more recognition!!!



One of the few psytrance DJ's I actually rate. I've heard a main room set of his that sounded like funky disco house but was definately psytrance. Lots of fun too. Probably the most interesting psy set I've heard all year. Nice and varied. Not too keen on his chillout sets though. If I want to chill out I'll go home and stick the kettle on!!!


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So you don't like chill Pete.

Why have a specific pop at Si then as a bad chill DJ?

That seems tight.

Si is right up there on the chill side of things.


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si's cihll sets are more than just up there they go far and beyond all reality of it all...

ive spent many a hour sat psy-dreaming to his sounds/frequencies...

tell si from me that he is one of my chillout influences....:Grin:

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What a top geezer....can DJ a bit of alright as well :Wink3:


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I'll join in the big upping of Si - top tunes & nice lad - plus we went to the same school ( a decade apart..)



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tis worth a bump...
if in doubt of Si's skill behind the decks check Further this thursday for some non-stop progressive nonsense :Grin:


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Either that or every month at Cabbage...


April '06 gig, we're doing a swap and Si's doing the main room while I do t'chill.

We're planning to do this every few gigs.


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Yay! Big up Si! His chillout sets are immaculate,cheeky and beautiful, and his psy sets are absolutely amazing - spot on journeys of psychedelia,a real treat!


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looking forward to seeing him and the Positivitea peeps in full swing at Shamania...
:Grin: :Grin: :Grin:


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I didn't see this until now - Si is most definately one of the scene's finest DJs, be it chill-on, chill-out, proggy or exquisitely crafted prog-on monsters twister sets.
Really - Si has an amazing feel for flow and sense of timimng for tunes. Few DJs I've known put as much thought (or worry!) into their sets. He's the north's best kept secret, unfortunately :Grin:

Big up the Splatt!

If you're looking to sprinkle some quality on your night/party, get the Splatt to provide the tunes.
I totally concur with what everyone else has said,
when he plays I find me arse a wigglin', and me toes a movin',
and me head a bobbin'
Oh yeah, and him and his partner are top notch people too.