Sick PC any one had similar issues??


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Ashford, Kent
I do appologise if this has been asked before, had a look a previous posts but couldn't find anything!!

I've just spent a fair wack of my student overdraft on a new PC ( P4 2.6 GHz 800 buss speed, 512 Ram, ATI 128mb graphics card, msi motherboard, pretty newish pc, built from sperate components). I've also got an edirol UA 20 soundcard, and a Radium 61 controller keyboard.

I'm using a non legite copy of cubase sx at the mo, and have tried it with cracked xp pro, legite xp home, different versions of sx and sx2, and the computer freezes, sometimes turns itself off, slows up, and too be honest its soul destroying to work!! :no:

I was just wondering if anyone had problems like this, while using the keyboard or soundcard, or any of the computer components?

Or if there might be anything simple i'm missing in the windows set-up, or if anyone knows of or has any good working copys os SX, if so anywhere I can download them from?

I know the likley solution is to buy a proper copy of cubase and I will be in the summer, but until then I am looking for a quick fix solution. :Grin:

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Not being an XP user im not 100% sure on this. But you should be able to right click the shortcut and bring up properties. From properties there should be something like "compatability". Try setting it to Win 2K, or 98 and see what happens ... might work :Smile3:
No. This is not the way forward; SX (especially v2 and subsequent) is specifically designed for Win XP and compatibility mode will not help.

Please give more details on exactly what you are doing when the computer starts to behave this way, eg does it happen when you play a song in SX; if so what does the song consist of...

Also read this.
I've recently had similar problems. I thought it was something to do with some cracked software I had downloaded. I ended up reformatting the HD and reinstalling from scratch, very carefully, making sure I rebooted after installing each part of my system. When I had installed the main (legit/trusted) programs and could not see anything wrong with it, I decided to install Kazaa, and as soon as I had started a few downloads with it, my computer switched itself off again....

....but it was nothing to do with Kazaa, nor any viruses/trojans. I tried a 2 and third time to reinstall, wiping the HD completely, but this time it would reboot prematurely while installing the basic files for XP Home (during the bit before setup goes from text to graphics mode).

I gave up trying to fix it myself and sent it back to the shop, and they found the one of my RAM modules had crapped out. It would explain it if some programs end up trying to access the bad part of the memory and read the wrong instruction.

So my guess is it could be a RAM module that needs replacing.

....hmm...I must checkout SX2 as well...still running on SL here and with no free upgrade to SL2 I'm going to have to cheat the system!
different versions of sx and sx2, and the computer freezes, sometimes turns itself off, slows up, and too be honest its soul destroying to work!!

So my guess is it could be a RAM module that needs replacing.

This does all sound horribly familiar.

I suffered from a dodgy RAM stick when I first built my XP machine. The machine would often get real sluggish, then restart for no reason. Upon restart a dialog comes up saying it's just recovered from a serious error.

It doesn't help that, by default, XP will restart immediately when it encounters this sort of problem. In fact, you're getting a good old fashioned Blue Screen Of Death, but it doesn't stay up long enough for you to read it. So you just think you've built a pile of poo.

You can stop it from doing this. I can't remember where, but the MS site says it's under Startup and Recovery in System in Control Panel. Untick the "Automatically restart the computer" and the BSOD will stay there while you decipher what's going on.

But a buggered RAM stick does sound like a distinct possibility. I replaced my RAM stick and haven't had a BSOD since.

Best of luck.
I had that too, on my pre-XP machine.

I don't think Kazaa is a good idea though! :0
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Warwick Bassmonkey @ Jan 5 2004, 01:43 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> You can stop it from doing this. I can't remember where, but the MS site says it's under Startup and Recovery in System in Control Panel. Untick the "Automatically restart the computer" and the BSOD will stay there while you decipher what's going on. [/quote:eb4d478539]
Right click on My Computer, go to Properties, select 'Advanced' tab, click on 'Settings' button for Startup and Recovery. The Checkbox is in there called 'Automatically restart'...

When my my computer was restarting instantly without warning, I unchecked this, and I hardly saw the blue screen again - instead I just got some error messages when some DLL's were being accessed, in this case it was something to do with MSHTML.dll and related files when using IE6. That sent me on a massive investigation to find out if it was a software problem - that was before I gave up and sent it back to the shop.

you know what you want is a new bloody computer, go buy the software legit!!!! no just kidding, remember to replace the GFX card with the other you said you had just to check if that is crashing the computer or not! anyway wen you next down, do ya want another monitor for then, i just ordered a dual head gfx card, should arrive in a few days!

also can you re-send your email address, i kinda cleared the inbox! (f**king lame)
I'd agree with he people suggesting memory mod screw up, happens all the time, have you been waring your antistatic wrist bands while building the manchine?????? Naughty!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought the PC from simply computers over the net and built it myself! The hardware was sent in appauling condition, the box it came in was actually wet at one corner, it looked like the box had been left in a puddle!! I am through with trying to get sort of appologie replacement out of them, its to much hassle ( From my experience I would not advise anyone to order anything through simply).

The computer just generally runs very sluggish. For example even when running an MP3 in media player, it will sometimes freeze, then recover. Or sometimes freeze and not respond to anything, not even ctrl+alt+del, and sometimes just restart with no warning and just boot up again, sometimes turn off, blank screen(no signal message on the monitor) the PC is still on but the only way to recover it is to turn it off and on again.

When running Cubase sx with a tune, say six or so midi channels, two audio, with 4 VST instruments!! It does the same, sometimes freezes, with restart the only option. Or it restarts its self.

It does it when running visuals in win amp, which uses a lot of RAM and PC Power. Which is indicating that it is happening when a programs are running which require a lot of memory.

If it is a RAM problem, can I simply borrow my mates RAM (same spec and size), swap it with mine for a couple of days, and see if I get the same problem. Also if hes using my RAM and his computer suffers then I know what the problem is. I hope thats it, being a skint student I can't really afford to give it to a computer shop for a day.

Has anyone had a cracked copy of cubase sx working well on their PC?

Also I am running the Radium 61 keyboard through the usb port of computer, not via a midi cable into my sound card. Would it be better if I used a midi cable? Or should it not cause any problems running it through the usb port?

Thanks a lot for all your help and advice, been very much appreciated!! :smokingrasta: :punk: :Grin:
Did you buy the parts on a credit card? If you did get them to sort it out with simply :Smile3:
No got it on my student switch card, doh!! If it is hardware problem, I might try going mental on the phone at them, it usually works!! Trouble with online stores, you can't walk into the shop and have it out face to face.
First of all try re-seating all of your cards in their slots. That has fixed many problems on new builds in the past. If you're using XP you should also check the error logs which are in the Admin tools in Control Panel. It should tell you what it was doing when it died. Might show a trend. Also ensure that you've installed all of the correct mobo/chipset drivers for XP. Some disk channel drivers should only be used on non NT kernel OS's and will fuck about with XP.

Next try removing any components not necessary to the basic running of the machine and see if that makes a difference. Then add them back in one at a time.... If you have the facility, try swapping out components with ones you know work, starting with your ram. You could also try a memory tester to thoroughly check your modules.

When it dies try going straight to the bios on reboot and check the system temps to see if they're too high. Might be a badly seated heatsink/no thermal compound.Also try setting your bios to default settings again. Are you using a lot of usb/pci devices? What wattage is the PSU, it might not be man enough (although if Simply supply a kit of recommended parts then it more than likely is) It's an unfortunate aspect of building your own that sometimes components do arrive DOA. When buying abuilt system you know it will work because it has been pre assembled and tested but you do pay a premium for it. Any reputable company selling kits or components will be well aware of the possiblity of them supplying a bad component and have returns proceedures in place. The best thing you can do is try to locate the bad piece and then contact simply who should explain the returns process. It's unfortunate but it does happen. Only go mental if they're unhelpful, you'll get a better service in the long run. They may even suggest some things to try. Out of every 10-15 PCs i build i get a dead board. However it's really not the fault of the supplier. You pays yer money and takes yer choice.

Good luck :sun:

Oh yeah and in my experience (unfortunately) you prob will have to stump up the cost of postage for the return, but if it's only memory it will be minor.
Thanks to everyone that gave much needed advice!!

It was the RAM in the end, am borrowing my friends at the mo, and shes running a treat!!

Back to the tunes!!

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