Silly Cubase/Battery Questions...


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Hey sorry if these are really daft questions but Im still learning the ropes of cubase and the world of random VST's ...

Battery has a feature which lets u modulate certain parameters using various midi inputs. In battery Ive mapped pitchwheel to pitch and then in my midi track I vary the pitchweel value. This doesnt seem to have any effect :Sad: If I map say 'random unipolar' to pitch I get pitch variation so Im guessing theres some issue whereby the pitchwheel on my midi track isnt what battery thinks the pitchwheel is or something ?

Also is it only possible to modulate the things in that menu ? I also wanted to be able to control the 'rev' reverse function on my midi track but couldnt see how to do it [in the end I copied the samples I wanted to reverse to diff pads and kept them reversed but this is a bit of a pants soln.]

Any help on these or just a pointer in the right direction would be great !

[Excuse my novice crapness but Ive trawled the web for battery docs and havent found anything hugely in-depth] :Sad:


well i use battery + nuendo 1 which is vaguely similar to sx1, u dont say if u you're on cubase vst / sx / sx2 but this might be better input than nothing so........

the way i do controllers with midi inputs is:

battery -> setup -> configure certain MIDI CC#s to Controllers A-F
battery -> bottom left corner - set up mod routings, with A-F modulating whatever
nuendo -> record/edit/sequence CC data (in the midi editor, where the velocities are by default)

depending on what versions of things you're running, u can probably also automate things with the normal sequencer automation ("blue lines" automation). the process is as normal: write-arm automation, play, wiggle the knobs/click the buttons, stop, take [w]rite off and put [r]ead on...... the only catch is that there isnt an obvious way to put write mode on because where's the automation track for a vsti . answer: project -> add track -> plugin automation.

like i said...... anything from "a bit" to "almost all" of this could be totally different for you, depending on which cubase you're in