Top 10 Simo top 10 (Alchemy rec - Fairy Tales)


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...My summer vibes!!... :cooljump:

Pixel-Smart Planet (Rinkadink rmx) - Alchemy unr
Orion- Freaky Tweaky - Alchemy unr
Pleiadians - Photonic part 2 - Alchemy unr
Dark Soho - Light In The Dark - Alchemy unr
M-Klome - Secret plant - Alchemy unr
Cimi vs Sharigrama - Muddy Dancing - Alchemy unr
Pop Stream - Rip Stringer - Alchemy unr
Spectral Skunk - Reality Flip - unr
Joti Sidhu - The Only Way - unr
Mack - Sqeak - unr
Yesyesyes we love it!! I'm sure we'll be bippin-boppin-trippin-hoppin to some of these real soon. :partysmi:
discostu said:
Is this a good indication of whats going to be on the free cd given out at fairytales?

Not only will Simo give you his top 10 tunes, but also his whole caselogic, as soon as he finishes his set of course..


Happy now??
Simo said:
M-Klome - Secret plant - Alchemy unr
Looking foward to hearing some of Mateos stuff!
...anyway, here is the listing of the Fairy Tales compilation available in exclusive at the party...coming out very soon on Alchemy!!!

1 Pixel - Smart Planet (Rinkadink RMX)
2 Triptych - Fifty
3 Orion - Freaky Tweaky
4 Cimi vs Sharigrama - Muddy Dancing
5 Dark Soho - Light in the Dark
6 Broken Toy - What It Is
7 Pleiadians - Photonik part 2
8 M-Klome - Secret Plants
9 Pop Stream - Rip Stringer
Orion AND Popstream on one comp...??

:bananase::bananase: :clubjump:

That's all I need to know.

Looks like the best comp since Trance Scano Expo...

See Y'all Saturday. Maybe.