Top 10 Simo's Top 10 - Aug/Sep 2005


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hello peeps here are my new top 10...

Zmachine - East Genaration, Pukka music unr

Noga - Moksha mania (Solar System rmx) unr

Star X - Memories unr

M-klome - Electro Wave, Alchemy unr

Cimi vs Monastic Squid - Tackywacjer, unr

Vibra - Sureality, Alchemy unr

Rinkadink - New Phisics, Alchemy unr

Orion - Worx, Alchemy unr

Deja Vu - Follow This, Alchemy unr

Broken Toy - Holiday Vibes, Alchemy Unr out for the new Achemy releases out in September and October!!!...


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hehe psychedelvic is on his way(PM)!!!....anyway there are mainly new tracks for the new Fairy Tales comp coming out in october on Alchemy!! :Wink3:

hey there simo how are you i hope u had a great time over here
i think u did ehhehe anyways get online soon ill be droping by in london in the winter and we should definetly get together for a beer get online soon and best of lucks to your compilation, by this list i am curious to see whats coming out of fairy's tales heheh
hugs from portugal