SiNESTESiA - Satya Severa - 2011

Oceana Dec 11, 2011

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    Russian electronic music team Sinestesia is back with a new full length album. This time their music is more resonant with cold season of winter, spilling dark somber tunes all over the room. Ethnical themes enrich this ensemble of underground electronics with spicy flavor of spiritual forces. Strong emphasis on subconscious and psychedelic tone of compositions provide deep involvement for a careful listener. Attention towards details, which has always been a powerful side of this music project, is realized at its best in this work saturating tracks with dozens of cleverly combined sound effects and samples. If you enjoy being carried away by impressive multilayered music with its own philosophy this release will surely leave you satisfied.


    1. Worlds Lights
    2. The Change
    3 Telegram to God
    4 Ashtavakra
    5 Liberty
    6 Sally
    7 Abroad
    8 Pole
    9 Mushroom's Dance
    10 Satya Severa

    Оfficial Realise Page

    Free Download Album (zip, mp3)

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