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Moon Spirits Records
Sirius Isness
Resolution Of Duality CD
Stylee: Full On Groovy Gear Squelchy Tribal Psy :Smile3:

1. 2012 Tepoz Trippers
2. Out Of Reality
3. Osaka Blues
4. Spheres
5. Irrational Substance
6. The Good Man
7. Living Memories
8. Secret Vision
9. Resolution Of Duality

I typed a massive track by track review for this album and then the board became unavailable, and I lost the lot when I went back it was gone, doh. So here is most of it typed in again with a little help from listening to the CD and jogging my memory!

1. Lumpy Basslines, and Growly 303 lines switching from straight to arpegiatted, adding some higher pitched melody and going for it!

2. Go on then heads down start, quick tribal perc patterns fast beast here, introducing some melody at 3 mins then calling it back up to good use, light enuff to take the edge off. Nice pads and squiggly break at 5 mins that drops back into perfection.

3. Phat clear bass and kick off beat action to start, Guitar licks to build, hooking up with a cyber barking hound to good effect. 3:40 and flip it into some serious (sorry sirius) astral plane melodies, that are well diverse and a beautiful patch build on that and you got yourself a tune alright! quality.

4. Wicked use of female vox fractured up, breaks into nice deep groovy stuff, really textured funky break followed through nice and slow until it kicks off. Random bleeps fly off in the final section messing with the vox, and the noises just compliment and bounce

5. Quick bassline, the scene is set with some high pitched sears and the tribal percs goes like this. Atmospheres and crowds in a clear spot, put exactly where they want you in the picture, Flipping to a harder edged sound and adding some strong synth lines. Adding some electro lunacy around 5 mins that grows before desolving back into melody with perfect timing!! (My Fav)

6. Working the album up and down just right, this one starts more groovy funky for a while tinkly stuff builds in, but watch out around 3 mins apparantely its "the drugs", sounds dark to start, but adds some great fun bouncy elements that carry the track a treat. Searing high melodies and good times. Grooving it out again with some distant ethnic culture up to 6 mins "They were right!!"

7. Well textured drums and stretched out vox stuff, nice bits of delay. Not as dynamic as some of there tracks, good standard but draws ideas out instead of the quality switching. Not my fav, bit samey, possibly an older production?

8. Starts meaning full and postive, deep atmos, stirring up distant melodies and power 2:30 drops it into some keyboard wizarding which is strong and floaty. Analog monsters creep in for a short time, longer noises play off each other until it builds and builds. at 6:30 the right melody kicks in like it was always ment to be there and it worx!

9. Good Question! Great Start (again), Loads of feeling. Bit slower this one, synced into that deep groove. 2:30 and they start to show the melody, develops well keeping diversity and feeling fresh, playing off energetic sounds but still feeling soft. At 4:30 they show you more, Saving up some of the best melodies for the end, A beginning a middle and an end!

Some of the bits in this album are a bit samey, But in many ways this album is more than the sum of it parts. Some of the parts in it are what I call standard psy type noises, the fast nagging sort of the thing you hear alot of, but lots of it is really nice deep tribal atmospheres, with wicked interesting dynamic (but not cheesy) melodies rising from the tune and unusual noises to compliment them, smart organic incidental noises kind of captured in time. quirky off kilter piano, proper instruments, string licks, and some natural touches, I would really like to hear some of these guys music if they hadn't listen to psy, I think it would still be real intelligent good shit. Although it is wicked psy album, it would almost be better if they didn't tie it in so closely...

The basslines work a treat and the melody and the kind of trippy edgey atmosphere is brillant. There strengths lie in flipping things round perfectly in time. moving from slower to faster parts and switching lots but still sounding just right. They have oodles of super speed groovy tribal tom tom perc and drums. I like this CD loadz. Go BUY it, if it starts sounding a bit samey by track 7 then skip it I rekon, Read the stuff on the inside about "Love and Compassion" "Transmutation into unity" and "Taking a trip down to earth", Love is a good thing as is your otherworldly music, but I think you have been at the space dust!! LOL

Oh and brillant Artwork :Smile3:

I was going to review Red Tip World, and Usual Suspects 2 on Solstice but I'm a bit typed out now.
Wikid review as per usual Geoff!
Was going to buy this earlier in the month but unforseen circumstances caused the cash to be a bit low, so will have to wait till after payday. Heard all the sound bites on Chaos tho and it will definately be in my CD wallet next month!
I'm liking Sirius Issness and want them to play in the UK soon!
Cheers m8!! :Smile3:
Yeah Sirius Issness playing in UK would be coolio!
At Glade would rule, wink wink nudge nudge.
geoffwiffen said:
At Glade would rule, wink wink nudge nudge.

Now that would seriously make my year!! Ooooh just the thought of it!

p.s Gwan, u know u wanna review Usual Suspects 2. I heard most of the album the other day n its feckin aces!
Sirius Isness is what we want!! :punk: :punk: Most eagerly awaited debut album for me. Soundbites are fantastic, can't wait to buy it.

The artwork is absolutely fantastic, first class. Any tribal psy-trance composed in Tepoztlan Mountains, Mexico must be heard, aiiiiiiiiight :Wink3:

p.s. nice review Geoff :cool:
Cant really add anymore to that spot on review, even down to the review of trk7, took the words right out of my mouth mate. trk 8 is my personal fave, really does hit you with some power. The slightly slower trks 1&9 really do show you what these guys depths of musical arrangement are made of! Top gritty but groovey stuff :Grin:
Top review Geoff

Youv'e made me want to give the samples another listen. When I originally checked them out I didn't think it was anything special. Perhaps my expectations were too high cos I love some of their tracks off recent comps.

Or perhaps I listened to it after checking out the Xerox & Illumination and Atomic Pulse CD's and lost the will to live.

Temporary insanity? I should say so!! :mad:
Cheers Peeps! Got Atomic Pulse bouncing round the speakers now so might be reviewing some more on the wkend! :Smile3:
love this one, track one the best for me i found its more of a dancey album than a thinking one but its a dj must have in his bag! :bananada:
I would say this is a very solid album to anyone looking to buy..

All the high end production you would expect and some very dynamic construction.

I would give it a 7/10 as there is some origonal material herein.
Review summed it up nicely. I bought this along with the new Psydrop album that was out a while ago - Fantasy Seeds. They compliment each other well in their fuill on squelch style.

Both highly recommended.