skazi - outta space rmx - video


right, glossing over the fact that he's just posing like a twat for most of the video, driving round in a limo and making dismal cheesy gestures to the music and that the video ends with the crowd chanting 'skazi, skazi, skazi...', what the fuuuk is that tune about?

really, i dont get it - how can you take such an amazing tune and turn it into such a pile of steaming worthless shite? the terrible singing, the massivley cheesy buildup and the shere shittery of the synth noises he's using... i suppose i should expect it from skazi but to do that to out of space...


do you reckon liam howlett knows? if he allowed that remix he's a twat...


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it's 30mb as well, can't believe i wasted so much bandwidth on skazi and his armpits


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I darent listen to it.. has the 1986-Kerrang-attired-one done a bastardised version of the Prodigy tune or the Lee Scratch Perry original (Chase the Devil) ?

(there was quite a good german trance-techno remix of Chase the Devil about 99/00)

why is skazi?


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the prodigy one. which makes it about the 5th track of theirs he's ripped off. i think he did his own voodoo people one (double points for originality there) and also a firestarter one.

there's also a pretty gay rmx of start the dance going around, but i don't think that's skazi.


very much dissapointed with the clip, the remix the website and and the artist and how everything turned so commercial , i guess last good track goes back in 2003, fire n' ice

Colin OOOD said:
Someone shoutd do a kick-ass goa-trance remix of one of his tunes. That'd show him.
:lol: :lol: that would do

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Hopefully the next one will be 'Skazi - unplugged'


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what an absolute piece, i can't believe how much he's ruined that tune. And the video!!?? T.W.A.T


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the thing is that we laugh at it - but most people i know wouldnt tell that apart from our parties...

i feel sullied now.. :?


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i only got through half the tune, oh my.

Colin OOOD said:
Someone shoutd do a kick-ass goa-trance remix of one of his tunes. That'd show him.
sounds like you set yourself a challenge there Mr OOOD :Wink3: